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  1. I am getting a line in the log that says unknown fill layer 3 after the latest update
  2. Anyone know what unknown fill layer 3 means? Worried it is causing FPS issues
  3. Hello, I am getting unknown fill layer 3 in the log in areas in which Simheaven load. Is this an issue?
  4. Finally found this thread, and fixed my problem. Is there disadvantage of doing this? Thanks
  5. I already have Autogate installed. The docking tool works fine, shows me where to park - but the jetways do not move.
  6. Is there anyway I can transfer the EGCC gates to EGLL, as EGCC works fine.
  7. EGLL did not work. EGCC fully works, gates dock to me. I am using the World Jetways plugin.
  8. Just spawned in at LIRF with the 767, and the gate docked. However when I landed there, it would not dock with engines and beacon off šŸ˜• Checking Heathrow now.
  9. I managed to get the 767 docked at EGCC, however not at EGLL or LIRF. I will check now with the default 737.
  10. I have autogate installed. The gate docking system works fine, the gates do not dock to the aircraft. Also how can I get it working for BIKF?
  11. Hi all, I have both the above scenery. When I spawn in or land at the two airports, I can never get the gates docked to me. How can I fix this? Thanks.
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