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EGCC SAM jetway issue

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Just bought EGCC Manchester for XP11 the other day and I don't know about you, but when I buy a payware scenery that boast about SAM integration and movable jetways, I don't expect to see this:




No idea if it's like this for every stand, but stand 25 is definitely like that for me. 🙃

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It's supposed to be a fitness training for passengers before they sit in an airplane for hours :P

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15 hours ago, Heinz Flichtbeil said:

Hello, I will forward this to the developers....


Thanks. I did some more research and the vast majority of the jetways have a different design, and the 4-5 gates I tested works fine. However, gate 24 and 25 (maybe a couple more) have the design shown in my first post and have this problem.

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