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Sudden loss of thrust and complete failure of all systems

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There are always reports in the forum of mainly Airbus aircraft, which report sudden loss of thrust and complete failure of all systems.


But what about other airplanes/manufacturers?


I had two complete system failures in P3Dv4.4 with the A318/A319, but to my astonishment also once in the Digital Aviation CRJ, once in the Qualitywings B787 and twice in the P3D version of the Lockheed Martin C130.


The CRJ looked exactly the same as the Airbuses - a sound like flipping a switch with a completely dark cockpit. Only the RAT is extended.


In the QW B787 also suddenly dark cockpit during the cruise with all systems off, but there I could see that the two cutoff switches were flipped without confirming them.


The original P3Dv4 Lockheed Martin C130 have four engines and during the climb the two outer engines were switched off. 
Also there I could see in the overhead panel that the two fuel pumps for the respective engines were switched off.


Of course I didn't switch them off myself, but I zapped through different views during this time.


Would it be conceivable that by some coincidence and a key combination for views (e.g. Ctrl+4, Crtl+7) a script would run in the background that causes the shutdown effect?
I myself only noticed this behavior since P3Dv4.4.


Regards, Wolfgang


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