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Airways and Company Route Editor

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Hi all, I have another question that might be rather silly:


I do my flightplanning with ProATC/X to have a nice alignment of this ATC tool with my Airbus flightplan. However, I still do not entirely get how to properly transfer the ProATC/X flightplan to the bus. What I do currently and what usually fails is: I copy paste the route of ProATC/X into the Company Route Editor and name it for example LSZHLEMD01. Then I load this flightplan into the MCDU of the Airbus. While it always correctly tansfers each waypoint and departure and arrival airport, it does not work regarding airways. Is this intended? Example of the flight LSZH to LEMD: ProATC/X provided me the route LSZH DCT WIL MEBOX J70 MILPA UZ65 RBT03 DCT MURRO DCT MEN DCT DITEV UN871 LARDA DCT EDIVA DCT BAN LEMD.


If I copy this into the Company Route Editor, it works without any error message. However, the bus then only loads the waypoints and completely ignores the airways. Resulting in a direct-to from DITEV to LARDA, which is obviously not what ProATC/X intended. I then tried to add the airway manually and failed. I was able to select UN871 as airway at DITEV, but LARDA as exit point was not possible. Why?


Thanks for any help.

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I think the problem is that ProATC produces utter nonsense: there is no airway J70 from MEBOX to MILPA, according to actual charts J70 is only a oneway from MEBOX to WIL.


And this messes up the route string during conversion and results in simply DTOs.

And TBH meanwhile we had several cases, where this tool is anything else then reliable. So if you want to have a tool producing reliable routes, choose something like simbrief.

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Ok, that is something I suspected already for other strange flightplans by ProATC/X, that it does not take into consideration the direction of the airway (could also be my fault, that ProATC/X actually meant J70 between MEBOX and WIL but ignored the one-way thing). Could this also be the issue with UN871? I will try simbrief or something else, those routes can be easily imported into ProATC/X, maybe the more useful approach...

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