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The Hans’ Addon Manager (free!) for P3D

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Developers often need quick activation and de-activation of add-ons to test things. That’s why Hans Hartmann spend three years developing this small tool. Just kidding, it was done in half an hour but that does not make it less useful. There are far more advanced tools (like SimStarter!) that do the same but there are no tools that are easier and quicker. Hans shared his tool with friends and they all told him it was just ‘useful’, and he should share it. So here we are, the launch of The Hans’ Addon Manager, rejoice! See it as a Christmas present.


A manual should hardly be hardly needed, just a small note that the repair option renumbers the add-ons, so gaps are removed. Not needed, but it just makes things a bit neater.  Just unzip the file and place the exe where you like.


This software is provided ‘as is’ and is free of copyrights. We do ask you only to link to this location if you want to share it so always the latest version is offered.




Changelog: - Initial Release - Changed group names from "Global entries" and "User entries" to actual path of the respective add-ons.cfg file - Speed optimization. Permanent check for running Prepar3D. Function to activate/deactivate all but favourites


Download: AddonMgr_1002.7z


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