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Flight plan in pdf looks different

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I had to format my PC and I re-installed PFPX, I now have version 2.00

With this version when I print to pdf the flight plan, is a little different,

I used to get as one of the first page, a summary table of Fuel and weight, now I don't have this anymore,

I see a fuel table if I keep scrolling after the various altitudes, but I cannot find my weight info anymore.


Is it me doing something wrong?

Thanks a lot





Flight Plan.JPG

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Are you saying that this Summary Page has been completely removed from version 2.0 of PFPX, and there is no option to either display, or print out this page?


This is one of my most useful tools, because if I exceed, or are below all of the variety of weights mentioned on the Summary Page, this data will flag any over weigh item in red text, or you can easily determine where to make adjustments when underweight.


This is really handy, particularly with heavy freighters like the 747 or 777, or a passenger flights if you want to max out fuel, cargo or passenger loading.


I remember a number of years ago when this page was removed, but a lot of people complained, Eventually, the development team put it back into the PFPX.


I could do these calculations manually, but then that defeats the purpose this valuable tool.does, by computing all this tedious work for me


I believe this product feature (which you should tout), gives you an advantage over Sim Brief, as I do not believe they offer this?


I also like the way it breaks out the fuel loading into its component parts!


Bill Clark

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What OFP template are you using?


Have a look through the 'download section' there are a lot of OFP templates there, all formatted and giving different data presentation depending on airline or user preferences


I personally have 22 OFP templates, built up over the years ALL from here. 



Here is a SouthWest Airlines OFP, data displayed differently from the OFP above




So, have a look around a find one that suits your needs OR make one yourself.

As Phil has said, what REAL data are you missing; its all there in one format or another. 


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My original question was not answered?


"Are you saying that this Summary Page has been completely removed from version 2.0 of PFPX, and there is no option to either display, or print out this page?"


Bill Clark

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Bill maybe submit a ticket.


i do not think that is important but if you feel so. please ask Christian and Judith.

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I assume you are on version 2.03?


Also, when you either view or print out the flight plan, the Summary Page, as the attachment to the first post on this thread depicts, appears automatically?


As Clive reports, there is a tool to modify the output format of PFPX to suit your own preference, I was not aware of that capability. Is it built into the program, or do I need to download this template from somewhere?


The current Summary Page format, perfectly meets my needs, since it is easier to read and interpret the loading and fuel information in a more organized manner.


Bill Clark

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