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  1. Anyone have a PFPX profile for the VRS Superbug? Bill Clark
  2. Thanks for all of you who responded. Bill Clark
  3. Phillippe, I was hoping that someone, or others had already analyzed one or more of these three aircraft as to fuel bias and drag bias? Bill
  4. I generally like to fly the following PMDG aircraft: B747-8 Freighter B737-700 Freighter B777F I have PFPX profiles for all three A/C, but I would like to obtain fuel bias and drag bias for all three planes. I have not been successful at calculating accurate fuel loading versus actual flight plan results. Any ideas on where to get this data? BTW, is there are bias information available I need to enter into the PFPX aircraft configuration files to improve flight fuel burn results? Bill Clark
  5. Jackjones, Thanks for going to all the trouble of offering a possible way of getting climb and descent data. I really don't want to get into an area that is over my head by further modifying this OFP format. I will be happy with obtaining the cruise altitude temperatures. Thanks again, Bill Clark
  6. jackjones, Thanks, that replaced the P & M offsets with OAT temps at TOC and cruise altitudes. However, I noticed the "Pxx" offset numbers disappear in flight plan entries for climb and descent phases once I replace <&ISADev[1]:3> with <&OAT[0]:3>. Maybe this is no big deal, but just asking the question? Bill Clark
  7. In my PFPX flight plans, when I go to get the outside air temperature (OAT) to enter into the PMDG 737 NGX CDU, all the temperatures are formatted to use either a P or M format, such as P03, or M02, for example. How can I change the PFPX output format to reflect the actual outside temperature of, let's say, -51 degrees C? Bill Clark
  8. Stephen, Thanks for the file. The one problem I am having is where this file is located (I was not able to locate it): \FSLabs\AOCService\Assemblies\Regex directory I did a search for FSLabs on my C:drive, but it did find anything? Bill Clark
  9. Stephen, Sorry I'm late in responding. That is unfortunate, it was nice to have it all in one package. I don't remember making any modifications, but I would like to add it back in, is there a way to do this? Bill Clark
  10. Hi, Attached is an image captured from another PC that has version V2.03 that I am going to retire soon. I used the OFP PFPX format. Recently, I installed PFPX on a newer PC that I will be using in the future. Version V2.03 was installed on the new PC. Both PC's have 2.03. But for some reason, the Summary page is missing, which is highlighted in the by the red mark. BTW - I use OFP PFPX format on this PC. What do I need to do to get the Summary Page back when I print out a flight plan using Bullzip PDF Printer? Bill Clark
  11. Hi, Solved my problem.............found the answer in this link. Can't get rid of second image/link? Bill Clark
  12. Hi, Recently I upgraded from P3D V4 to V5 When I go to select the file location to Export from PFPX to Documents\Prepare3D V5 Files, this choice does not exist? How do I solve this issue? See attached image Bill Clark
  13. In a number of days, FS2020 will be made available for download. All the big airline developers will be moving over to this new sim. Are their plans to update PFPX to support this new simulator? Several of the big issues I foresee, is the new sim will have a different weather system (no longer based on Active Sky), and navigation database will no longer be based on Navigraph? Does Aerosoft management have any plans or thoughts about this? Bill Clark
  14. Hi, Any plans for Aerosoft to develop a PFPX template/profile for the upcoming PMDG 747-8 aircraft? Bill Clark
  15. Shaun, I did a search, and I didn't find an upgrade path, but rather a full price download or boxed version. When I look at the update/download section, MyTraffic 2010 doesn't show up. Could you suggest how I could find this by providing a link? Thanks, Bill Clark
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