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AS Livery Manager does not work

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I have seen this topic several times on the forum but I have not found  any conclusive answer.

I got Twin Otter Extended yesterday and wanted to load some extra liveries. I dowloaded several liveries (example below).

When I run AS Livery Manager  and hit 'Add Livery' button I keep getting message like "Sorry, this file cannot be installed". When i tried drag&drop method, new window pops up, but no preview is generated and AS LM gets stuck.


Note: I am matching livery to aircraft version, I tried this with several files dowloaded from your site, Susi is just example.


Please let me know what details you may need to troubleshoot.


AS Livery Manager version: livman

Windows 10









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The repaints you can download, zip files, must follow a certain file structure to work with the Livery Manager. If they dont do so you have to install them manually. This should be desrcibed in a readme file within the zip file.

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Thanks for quick response.

I do understand that livery createor has to create a zip with proper file structure to allow AS Livery Manager to upload it to FSX.

I do understand that even liveries available on Aerosoft site may be community created and not necessarily follow AS LM requirements.

It is still a bit suprising that I dowloaded randomly 9 liveries and none worked with AS LM.

Would someone be able to point me to a link with 'valid' livery so I can see the AS LM working? 





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Obviously they were not designed to work with it. 

As Otto already told you, there should be some instructions on how to install them manually with the downloaded file. Just follow them.


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I know I can install them manually. However I paid 34 EUR for software package which consists of several items, including Livery Manager. I cannot see it working.

 have read several threads on this support forum. All I found are workarounds and explanations why some liveries do not work with LM. This is fine, I do get it.


All I ask now is one example of a livery I could download and apply to my new and shiny DHC-6. 




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