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  1. OK, so I got the Add-On and have the same issue with FLAPS 2 position. Do we have any resolution of this issue by now? -- And just to share some frustration - I wonder what exactly those guys from Thurstmaster were thinking during design phase? Did they check what A320 models are available for existing flightsims? Did they even tried to use prototype with MSFS, P3D or X-plane? I do not think so as even most basic features do not work without cumbersome tweaking. I wonder if such a big distributor as Aerosoft has a communication channel to ask such questions? Because I can imagine 2 answers: no, we did not test out flight simulator accessories with any flight simulator available OR yes, we did. in latter case - secodn question - and what were your results? end of rant Cheers, &
  2. Well, My story - again with Airbus Add-On: I placed the order on January 27th After 2 months I asked if there is any update and got honest answer "we have no idea" On May 27th Aerosoft sent the parcel from Germany Today in the morning I got it in Poland. My point is - as much as I love conspiracy theories I do not think there are any wrong intentions on Aerosoft's side. They make money on shipping these toys to us not on hoarding them in their distribution center &
  3. Haha, best part in this thread is "$1000". The GPU mentioned in the videoclip is more expensive. And actually it was also back then - as the most popular comment to on YT says - 'Congrats to the 4 people that were able to actually build this at $1000" &
  4. Hey, I want to jump in, even despite the fact I am not waiting for Bravo. I just wanted to my (not so serious) dissapointment that while those who pre-ordered Bravo got this epic thread, the humble group who ordered Airbus Add-On have just tiny pieces I wonder if we - Thurstmasterers are more patient? But hey, I cannot wait for my hardware too. Cheers, &
  5. Hi, So, the throttle works pretty good in AS A320. Pretty good because reversers are stil VERY unreliable despite I all the reading, work and testing I did Anyway, leaving this aside it;s fine. It works for Alabeo C-421 with no problem. However - for Twin Otter it's useless. aircraft's throttle jumps all around the place, back and forth even with lightest touch of hardware. To less extent I have somewhat similar situation with MJC Q400, but I'll talk with them on theor forum . Does anyone have any idea what may be the root cause? I would expect that if I calibrated it for P3D it will work for all the airplanes in my calendar. Cheers, &
  6. Thanks! This is still better than nothing Please expect me asking the very same question in a month from now. Not that I blame you guys, this was communicated by you and expected by me when I pre-ordered. Stay healthy, &
  7. Hi, I do understand currents situation with TM TCA obviously. But still I would love to hear any update/estimate/gossip even on when pre-orders may become reality What's current version of truth? I am patient, I can wait, but since checking the status is my morning routine for weeks I am hungry for any new news. Thanks, &
  8. For the city pair I would rather suggest smaller airfields in smaller cities. Not all of us have solid rig to deal with KLAX for example This is why one of my favorites is still that free Padeborn for example. &
  9. Have anyone seen anywhere totally white livery somtimes carried by ACMI operators? I keep looking with no luck. Thanks, &
  10. Hi, In the AS Updater there is a link to a thread: "KNOWN LIMITATIONS: - http://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/forum/881-whats-not-completed-what-are-we-working-on/" I am not able to access it and also attempt to 'google it' is also failing. Is this deleted or moved somewhere? Knowing limitations of the add-on whould save time spent on looking for solutions, which do not exist yet Cheers, &
  11. Hey, Thanks for reply! I think independent ND is already a killer feature I am missing in A320. I do not care about PBR, but you already convinced me to get A330. Thanks! &
  12. Hey, I know, these are different planes of different sizes What I am truly asking for is if there are any more features, functions or whatever? I am torn between A318/319 which are just smaller, which makes that boring and A330. If this is also just "bigger", I lean towards CRJ Pro, which I understand technically is much improved over AS CRJ "classic". Thanks, &
  13. Thanks, seems to work for now. One more thing - is the NavDataPro easier to use? I'd prefer LIDO and what influenced my decision to go for Navigraph was SimBrief, but who knows &
  14. Hi, Thanks for update on SimBrief part. On the key issue - yes, I am running P3D as an Admin, A320 as an Admin too. Other changes made in the Configurator are in effect, I tried with Cost Index. I am also able to add/remove maps to EFB. &
  15. So, I got Navigraph subscription and tried in the A320 Pro. The EFB says - 'NavDataProChartCloud, Please login using configurator app." In the Configurator app (running as Admin, the same as P3D itself) I am selecting Navigraph and using 'Login in browser" button. That takes me to Navigraph API page, where I am clicking 'Yes, Allow". Sadly - nothing happens Do you have aby advice? & PS I would prefer NavDataPro but due to the fact that this does not offer compatibility with SimBrief I picked Navigraph. And they do work together nicely. What I am trying to say - I prefer Lido to Jeppesen and I am AS fan, so - please, please, please - befriend with SimBrief
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