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  1. Same here - I work for IT in large FMCG company in Supply Chain dept. Yeah. I do not put stickers on boxes but I can confirm we have same situation globally. That's why I can complain about some problems of A320 or CRJ but not on anything related to physical shipments. I totally understand what is going on. &
  2. Which textures? All what is in C:\Users\...\Documents\Aerosoft\Aerosoft A320-A321 Professional\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft A320 CFM Professional? Thanks! &
  3. Eee, so far not even re-install helped. The throttle in the sims (P3Dv4.5 and MSFS) jumps all over the range, when physical lever is in Idle it's full thrust in the sim etc. Now in th AS CRJ it works smoothly but the range is like central 50% of the range, no full throttle no idle and obviously no reverse. I wonder if there's anyone here how got this working out of the box or with straightforward calibration. I understand for some it worked by uninstalling TM drivers, reboot, installing TM drivers back and calibration in the P3D and/or MSFS. Is thi
  4. Hello, yes - textures are straight out of the box. Did not realize I can reduce Is it something I can do in the AS Configurator or manual intervention is required? &
  5. I know I am posting this frequently, but I had exactly the same challenge and almost the same machine - I have Asus FX503 with 1 TB SSD addedd. Full specs below (yeah, in Polish, but I guess it;s obvious). So - I run P3D v4.5 with fully ORBXed world and AS TwOtter works in 30-35 fps, AS CRJ 20 fps and AS A320 15-20 fps. I mean below 3000 ft And that is on Medium/Low settings. I tried P3D v5 and requested a refund exactly because while indeed it was running NOTICEABLY smoother in 10-15 minutes into the game I was getting VRAM erro and CTD You can see I have 4 GB v
  6. Hey, it's 22 Oct, 9 AM CET, I am done with morning coffee and stil no mailman with my Airbus throttle Maybe I should start my daily work instead? &
  7. I am sorry but I cannot resist to ask this question: Do you plan to introduce realistic delay in the project schedule? &
  8. Maybe I am not holding the button strong enough But seriously - thanks a lot, appreciate that but I tried and failed Cheers
  9. Thanks, but from what I can see I can only drag the PFD by resizing. I mean - like resize it all the way down and then shrink from upstairs. No way to right click, hold and move down. Or maybe I should hold Ctrl/Shift/Whatever? Cheers, &
  10. My 2 cents: I have this guy: https://www.x-kom.pl/p/409422-notebook-laptop-156-asus-fx503vd-e4082-i5-7300hq-8gb-1tb-gtx1050.html P3D works in 'medium' settings in the 25 fps range, unless its complex scenery + AS A320, then it's 15 fps range. In the latter case I am downgrading setting to Low. As somebody said P3D is flight simulator and not senecery simulator. MSFS in 'medium/low' area works in the range of 25 fps unless we're in NYC Overall it's MUCH MORE smooth than P3D and looks 5x better. Now, no idea why you can't replace your SSD with 1TB, but this was the o
  11. I would like to move PFD in the A320 from top left corner to bottom left corner. Is it possible to drag and drop it like in, say Majestic Q400? Besides - is there a way to pop-up ND and EFIS? Thanks, &
  12. I think we are still missing good airports in Turkey and India. Even with the way default sceneries look like in MSFS there is still a lot of space for improvement. Not sure how big actual market is in it for Aerosoft, but Turkey is popular destinations from Europe, Middle East, Russia and North Africa. India is different beast, but also has many cool places - would people buy these destinations? @Mathijs Kok, we got good explanations why no more Airbuses. I wonder what's possible in case of sceneries outside Europe and US.Africa maybe less popular, but India, Middle East? Or C
  13. I am sorry but I have to leave bitter comment on boxed version. I badly wanted it and I wanted it to be Premium Deluxe. Unfortunately I learned that I need to keep disc 1 in the drive to play, which is honestly no-go for me Is there ANY chance it may be changed? I mean - I know I still have to register to activate, so why you even care for that disc 1? Cheers, &
  14. Hey, we all wanna know! If he was brace enough for that statement let us read justification. &
  15. While I know Mathjas is right and I know I am totally not a typical person in regard to buying habits I tell you this. I do not plan to upgrade my hardware anytime soon, all I did in the light of MSFS was m.2 1 TB SSD for my laptop along with TCA Airbus sidestick. I am using gaming laptop and I am not going to change it for desktop in coming year or two. Here is a thing on FSX add-ons. If you wold discount it to 30% of current prices I would spend probably around 100 EUR on these products. Now, for years I only buy P3D addons if they work in FSX too. Exception was your excelle
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