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Mathijs Kok

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21 minutes ago, titithepilot said:


Dear all,


After several test, I can describe the problem and how to resolve it.


For me, this problem is clearly linked with the fuel management between P3D and Aerosoft Airbus bundle professional.


What was the problem:


Fuel: 22% remaining just before descent to the destination. Lose the engine 1 then the Engine 2 then total "cold and dark mode". 

The quantity of fuel in P3D has changed from 22% to 0% instantly.  After the crash on the sea, the aircraft bounced and back to 22% of fuel but impossible to do something (No ND etc....)


How to resolve it?


1. Go to setting => Realism => Select unlimited fuel then ok. 

2. Close P3D

3. Launch P3D

4. Go to setting => Realism => Deselect unlimited fuel then ok.

5. Enjoy


After 4 flights of test, it works perfectly. I cannot explain why it works but probably, it restarts a good link between P3D and this add-on (maybe).


Hope it will work for you as well.


Kind regards




That makes sense for how the problem is occurring.


Many thanks for the time you spent on this!


As we know, the vast majority of our customers have not seen this issue, so it's something specific to a few systems.  I'm also pretty sure that the problem is not with our software, but rather P3D.  It effects our aircraft because we're currently the only aircraft dev who uses the latest P3DV4.3 compilers. 


Thank you again for your effort!


My very best wishes for Happy Flights!



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