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A320 Overhead Panal Texture Issue


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Two possible reasons:


  • Your P3D is not correct. This happened to hundreds of people who used the client update without rebooting first. Do a clean install of the whole sim to be sure all is fine. As long as you got modern add-ons they won't need to be re-installed.
  • The path to your texture folder is longer than 256 characters. 
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It's an issue we have forwarded to Lockheed so we might hope it is fixed in the future. 


It took us 4 weeks to understand this issue btw. Because my path was also long I had problems that all the others did not have. Drove us crazy.

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I had the same issue but another workaround is to rename the texture folder to the same format Aerosoft has (texture.XXXXX). Just don't forget to change the same name in the aircract.cfg and everything should be just fine!


Kind regards


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Same problem here with the black overhead panel in both A318/319 and A320/A321-Prof-P3Dv4.

Had installed them in the same place as the CRJ700 that needs to be installed in the P3Dv4 folder, D:\Program Files\ Lockheed Martin\ Prepar3d v4\ Ecosystem \ Aerosoft \ ..

Reinstalled the A318/A319 now in the folder D:\ My Aircraft \ Aerosoft and problem with overhead panel is solved.

Will do the same with the A320/A321. I created that folder earlier for the P3Dv3 Airbuses.

So in my case also the length of the path seems to be the problem


Best regards,


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Thanks for your feedback and what you did was the best solution, especially installing the Airbus outside the P3D folder.


But as the topic opener never came back since his first post, I'll close this topic now.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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