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  1. Hello! Sometimes when I adjust the pressure the auto pilot panel turns completely black. Sometimes it's just a few sections that disappears and sometimes the whole panel goes black. At first I thought it had something to do with panel states but I'm quite confident the bug is with the altimeter setting. EDIT: It just happened again without me touching the pressure gauge so I'm really back to square one with this... Kind regards Jesper
  2. Could you explain this a bit more? I just installed Oslo outside the sim folder and while static jetways works fine I'm having trouble with SODE so I'm thinking this might be the issue.
  3. Have you tried waiting for just a few seconds? For me it sometimes takes two or three seconds from when it starts printing until the paper becomes visible.
  4. I can confirm that I have the exact same issue. Mathijs explanation sounds very likely to be fair but I agree with Meyerflyer that I wish there was some magical fix for this
  5. No, It's the temperature calculated by the aircraft which should give a correct result.
  6. Hi! I have recognised quite significant differences in the take-off and climb performance of the different engine options for the A320. So far I have not flown both engine versions of the A319 or 321 so I can't say for sure that the same applies to them. But I did some testing and got these results. I know that the engines are slightly weaker on the IAE but the climb rate and take-off distance is quite significantly different. Of course I don't know all the facts of the buses but the IAE seems to climb like an A340-300 at times (which we all know is not a good thing ) so I'd love some input on this from someone who really know how the buses are supposed to behave. For testing purposes I used clear weather and no winds. Let me know if you need any additional info. Kind regards Jesper Version Aircraft - A320 CFM Flaps - 1 TOW - 60 400kg Flex temp - 63 QNH - 1013 Outside temp - 14c Airport & Rwy - ESGG 03 Distance to Vr - 1440m Time to Vr - 26 seconds Climbout rate - 4000ft/min Time to CL-power (1500ft agl) - 1 min 2 seconds V1 - 132 Vr - 139 V2 - 140 Aircraft - A320 IAE Flaps - 1 TOW - 60 400kg Flex temp - 63 QNH - 1013 Outside temp - 14 Airport & Rwy - ESGG 03 Distance to Vr - 1830m Time to Vr - 42 seconds Climbout rate - 1500ft/min Time to CL-power (1500ft agl) - 1 min 42 seconds V1 - 132 Vr - 139 V2 - 140
  7. Hi! I had the same issue but another workaround is to rename the texture folder to the same format Aerosoft has (texture.XXXXX). Just don't forget to change the same name in the aircract.cfg and everything should be just fine! Kind regards Jesper
  8. Hi! I would love to see Brussels Airlines Aerosmurf for the new buses. The Aerosmurf is the only one currently not available to find anywhere. Kind regards Jesper Persson
  9. Hi! I would love to see Brussels Airlines Aerosmurf for the new buses. Of course I'd like all the special liveries to be made by you but the Aerosmurf is the only one currently not available to find anywhere. Kind regards Jesper Persson
  10. I've done all the changes that Dave brought up and it has dramatically improved performance to around 30-70 fps depending on scenery, aircraft etc... I'm really happy with the result and all the advice given in this thread. Thank you all!
  11. Hi! I always load the aircraft in the turn around state but for some reason the speed brakes are alway armed and I usually have to move my speed brake axis up and down a few times before it works properly. I have assigned all controls with FSUIPC so I'm not sure if there's an issue with this or the panel state config. Kind regards Jesper
  12. Hi! I'm not sure if I'm supposed to ask for support by you or by the airport devs, but I have a few airports where there are wrong callouts. For example, at the new MK-studios Lisbon i get a "On taxiway" call when on the main runway. Kind regards Jesper
  13. Many thanks for this my friend! I will do some experimenting later tonight. In regards to the disk processing speed, would a SSD make much of a difference? Both my disks have quite a few years behind them so a new disk is the next planned upgrade for me. Kind regards Jesper
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