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Tromsø ENTC - Offset ILS 01

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Thank you for this airport.


Just had a flight from ENGM to ENTC.


The ILS for runway 01 is very off as you can see on the pictures below. 


Is this a scenery or x-plane issue ? (Using navigraph)


The ILS for runway 19 was ok.







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Hi Tom,


I just did a landing at 01 with the Zibo 737. Although the charts say course 005 the FMC (Navigraph with current cycle) said 009 and with 009 it worked properly. We'll investigate further...


Greets Marten

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Thank you.


I dont know if it is usefull info, but here is a sample from my earth_nav.dat for ILS 01 at ENTC. 


 4  69.696200000   18.927513889       56    11090    18     13.047   TC ENTC EN 01 ILS-cat-I
 6  69.674477778   18.915261111       56    11090    18 400013.047   TC ENTC EN 01 GS
12  69.674488889   18.915208333       56    11090    25      0.000   TC ENTC EN LANGNES DME-ILS


Let me know if you need more information from me.


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So I did another flight with the default BE58 and on Frequency 110.90 with a course of 005 I am landing right at the touchdown point. Is it possible that your default global airport folder is overlaying Tromso? Or your nav data might be outdated?





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I have tested different things now.


Global Airports is below the two ENTC folders. But for testing I tried to move both on top in scenery_packs.ini. But the same issue.

My navdata is updated. Using current cycle from navigraph. 

1100 Version - data cycle 1809, build 20180812, metadata NavXP1100. Copyright (c) 2018 Navigraph, Datasource Jeppesen (from \custom data\earth_nav.dat)


Deleted the .prf files from output\preferences


Disabled all of my plugins, but still the same issue  :/


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may be it is this problem. More infos here: https://developer.x-plane.com/?article=navdata-in-x-plane-11

The position of the Global Airports in the custom scenery folder does no matter for the NavData (only for the scenery).

As I know the X-Plane 11.26r2 default earth_nav.dat saved in the Global Airports folders are different (for ENTC) from the earth_nav.dat saved in the Custom Data folder actualized with NavDataPro (cycle 1809)....


earth_nav.dat from the Global Airports folder from the Custom Scenery folder:


4  69.69620000  018.92751400     56 11090  18      12.084 TC   ENTC   EN 01  ILS-cat-I
4  69.67152800  018.91105600     36 10990  18     193.280 TR   ENTC   EN 19  ILS-cat-I


6  69.67447800  018.91526100      0 11090  10  400012.200 TC   ENTC   EN 01  GS
6  69.68838600  018.92005600      0 10990  10  400192.200 TR   ENTC   EN 19  GS




earth_nav.dat (Custom Data Cycle 1809 NavDataPro) for ENTC:


 4  69.696200000   18.927513889       25    11090    18     13.047   TC ENTC EN 01 ILS-cat-I
 6  69.674477778   18.931927778       25    11090    18 400013.047   TC ENTC EN 01 GS
 4  69.670750000   18.910544444       13    10990    18    193.047   TR ENTC EN 19 ILS-cat-I
 6  69.688386111   18.920055556       13    10990    18 400193.047   TR ENTC EN 19 GS



So I think the problem depends on where the used aircraft will read the navdata. From the Global airports folders or from the Custom Data folder.....

Here we have to search for the issue I think...


Greets Heinz

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7 minutes ago, Marten said:

@Tom Stian and @Jude: Could you please try to replace the lines in your global airports folder (earth_nav.dat) with the ones from NavDataPro (see Heinz' post) and verify if that solves the issue? I still can't reproduce it.



I changed the earth_nav.dat in the global airports.. and the ils looks fine now, but that dont explain why you dont have the issue :/ .. Since the data is delivered by LR.

Im running XP 11.25.


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Yes, that is true. And to overwrite the earth_nav.dat in the Global Airports folders with new data is for sure not the best way to solve the problem.

We only asked for test in this way to find the problem and what was the reason.....

As Laminar wrote in the linked page (see my post above), the best way is to report a navdata problem with this page:



But if the used aircraft read the actualized data (correct format ....) from the Custom Data folder then it shall work fine ....

This Custom Data folder will not be overwrite with an X-Plane 11 update.


Greets heinz



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