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  1. Sorry for bringing this up again.. But would be nice to know if this issue is acknowledged.
  2. Sorry for bumping this up again.. But have you registrered this issue? Do you need more information ? Anyone else have this issue with multiple monitors ?
  3. Hi I dont know if this issue is noted yet. But the issue is still present in v2.03
  4. When reading the other topics I see that the issue with losing all the aircraft profiles while upgrading is fixed. (But it is always good to take a backup anyway ^^ )
  5. I dont know if it is changed in 2.03. But make sure you take a backup first.
  6. I did some more investigation. I have 3 monitors.. and on monitor 2 it is not working, but on monitor 3 and 1 the hover is working. I also talked with someone that have the same issue with not working on one monitor (he had 2 monitors)
  7. With previous version you could hover the mouse over a airport to get metar and other data. This is not working anymore in v2.0
  8. Hello Tom From the website.. http://www.flightsimsoft.com/downloads/ http://www.flightsimsoft.com/downloads/Manual_PFPX_en_web.pdf
  9. I checked the manual before installing.. but no information there regarding backup.
  10. I lost every aircraft profiles also.. some warning about this in the installer would be nice.. !
  11. Any progress in the investigation on this issue ?
  12. The problem is when you update x-plane this will be changed back. :/
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