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does this look correct/cant get ex power


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i have today purchased this again for p3d i have installed this twice as it dont look right, engines are not visible and i have a pink lightning like strike on my windscreen.

Also i cant get external power on and i have no sound when pressing the buttons in cockpit and opening the windows i can hear atc but nothing on the plane, but not sure this is because i have no power i cant even put on the fmc.


screen shot of pink thing.png

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Have never seen the problem in your first screenshot.

Second problem is know, where the P3Dv4.3 installation is somehow broken, due to a for whatever reason not correct update of P3D. User experiencing this solved it with a fresh install of P3D.


But first do the following: run the ASUpdater to update your Airbus to the latest version, which you can found here: Windows -> Start Menu -> aerosoft - Aerosoft Updater

Follow the instructions given here:

And next time please post in the correct forum. ;)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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