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Weather Radar Diplay


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I have seen no simulated weather radar that looked like the real deal (yet). Sometimes the Aerosoft weather radar looks like RL, sometimes not. The ASN weather radar you see in PMDG is completely off most of the time, although many simmers on FB think it is mega realistic. 

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30 minutes ago, Kevin_H. said:

Hello, i just have a short Question.


Is the Weather Radar displayed really like this in the Aircraft ?

It looks a bit comic-style, or is it actually really like that?





Yeah, Frank's explanation is right on target (and it should be, given that he practically lives with a WXR half the time).


Some of the Airborne WXRs we used in the Navy looked even different, but it's all in how you interpret the data really.  I agree that at first glance the Airbus WXR looks a little comical... it was my first impression as well.  But after a little reading up on the WXR, I learned that instead of seeing the actual returns the WXR software is massaging the data to present on the display (under the idea that pilots need to quickly look at the data, understand it, and move their focus elsewhere) in the mode of operation you're screen shot shows you in.  This is similar to how ground clutter is removed in some radars.  You can always turn that feature off on the WXR panel to see the actual returns should you wish.


Best wishes my friend!


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