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  1. And this is really annoying.. Is there a Way that the Devs can fix this Issue ?
  2. I have the same Problem. I try to Plan a Flight vom LOWG to LOWW The Routing from LOWG to LOWW is "ROPAG DCT NIGSI" Therefor i plan the whole Flight, then click on Edit to change the Runways, SID and STARS I enter 17C as Departure Runway with ROPAG3G SID In Vienna i choose Runway 29 for Arrival with NIGSI1W arrival and 30 Miles Circuit IN Then when i click on Compute PFPX gives me this Flightplan : (FPL-AUA3456-IS -B738/M-SDE1FGHIJ1RWXYZ/LB1 -LOWG1000 -N0254A030 ROPAG DCT NIGSI -LOWW0037 LZIB -PBN/A1B1C1D1L1O1S1 NAV/RNVD1E2A1 DOF/190116 REG/OELNQ RVR/200 PER/C -E/0127) 3000 Feet is for sure NOT correct and this results in Error Messages !!
  3. Hello People, I am wondering if anybody already created some high accurate PFPX Templates for the Busses? The one that are Standard in PFPX are not really accurate Thank you in advance
  4. Hello, I am really looking for a working Livery for an Austrian Airlines A320 and A321. I really cant find anything that works Thank you in advance
  5. Any Informations about this Issues already ? Would be nice if there would be at least any Reaction !
  6. Heyo, i did a Flight yesterday to Vienna and was NOT able to set Frequency 134.675. was not able to get onto the frequency on vatsim unless i used . com1 command BEST REGARDS
  7. I found out the Issue also happenes under those conditions : Flight from doesnt Matter to Vienna ! FL370 Venen Arrival.. I program the star and the Transition, then i set the ALT Constraint for MASUR to be on FL170 ! okay, everything good so far.. Then i get a Direct to MASUR and not following the Route.. Waiting for the Top of Descend. Then when the Aircraft reaches the TOD the airplane starts to descend, and in this case something is wrong because the bus thries to force the aircraft down to FL170, with a descend of 7000 !!! Thats just not real, thats not a fault of the Sim either.. If we need a clean install, does it mean the bus is just working with any defaults and whatsoever ? and ofcourse i didnt follow the Programmed route, sometimes you need to deviate, sometime on VATSIM/IVAO you get a direct to somewhere !
  8. Hello, i just have a short Question. Is the Weather Radar displayed really like this in the Aircraft ? It looks a bit comic-style, or is it actually really like that?
  9. Kevin_H.

    Spoiler Warning

    Reacreating should be simple, descend with vertical speed 1800 or 2000 ft/min and speed 270 or speed 250 knots indicated ! And then try to Hold the Speed, in this case you NEED the Speedbrakes, and when you deploy them the Warning immediately comes
  10. Kevin_H.

    Spoiler Warning

    But its always like ON / OFF / ON / OFF / ON / OFF, always with the Warning Sound in between
  11. Kevin_H.

    Spoiler Warning

    Its okay to give the Message, BUT not every 2 seconds
  12. Kevin_H.

    Spoiler Warning

    Just to make a follow up, is anybody looking into this ?
  13. Thank you, i tried also to reinstall the Airbus and now it seems to work properly. thank you all
  14. there is no change without any shaders actually
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