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FMC changing STAR/ App route

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Hi All, loving the CRJ as it is now, pretty much all the bugs seem to be fixed for me yay. There is one remaining item that I don't know if it's a bug or user error. When I've got a route set in the FMC with a STAR and an approach chosen and then ATC changes up the approach the FMC seems to go wonky (I know great description and I wish I took screen shots). My flight was CYVR to KSEA (during the Seattle overload event no less) and had the MARNR7 arrival plugged in. Originally they were landing south so I had made a left at MARNR and was closing in on NEHOS when they changed to North Ops. So no problem went to the FMC and selected the north runway - exec (from 16C to 34C). This is where it gets interesting; the FMC 'seemed' to update and a new list of waypoints were on the list page... but now there were TWO sets of route lines on the MFD screen and the new list didn't seem to have anything to do with the change in runway. For instance I was headed to NEHOS but then they changed the runway and cleared me direct SHIPZ. Normally I would go to the FMC list page and soft key L beside SHIPZ and then bring that to the top of the list, but SHIPZ was not listed (I couldn't find a reference for any of the new fixes). SHIPZ did show on the MFD though with the second route line so I was able to use HDG mode to go direct. Again, picture is worth a thousand words and I'll try and remember to take them next time but the airspace was hectic and I was at about 9,000 210kts and been vectored around and vector holds (ATC did do a great job). I've attached the MARNR arrival to view. So is there a different way to change the approach rwy and or STAR? Is there a step you should be "clearing" the previous route before selecting the new one?


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