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  1. I’m not sure what panel serialization is but yes you should start with a default aircraft prior to loading the CRJ. The aircraft will then load itself into whatever state you’ve chosen in the FMC.
  2. Hi All, I've noticed on the last couple of flights the current waypoint from the FMC is displaying on the PFD (this is good) however, it's always flashing for me... i'm not sure if this is a bug? or something i'm not doing? It's white if that helps and the ident, distance, etc are all flashing together. @Hoffie3000 I copied your screen grab for my explanation! Thanks! Thanks!
  3. I've been getting this on the last couple of flight as well. At gate parking brake on, push back - parking brake off (obviously ) - push back complete Parking Brake ON taxi checks then parking brake OFF - taxi out with minimal thrust as she starts rolling at idle and PBrake off - pre flight checks on taxi, this sometimes is where I hear the "The captain has aborted the take off please stay seated..." Often I'll set the parking brake while waiting in line for t/o or at the threshold awaiting release or final departure checks.
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