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  1. I’m not sure what panel serialization is but yes you should start with a default aircraft prior to loading the CRJ. The aircraft will then load itself into whatever state you’ve chosen in the FMC.
  2. Hi All, I've noticed on the last couple of flights the current waypoint from the FMC is displaying on the PFD (this is good) however, it's always flashing for me... i'm not sure if this is a bug? or something i'm not doing? It's white if that helps and the ident, distance, etc are all flashing together. @Hoffie3000 I copied your screen grab for my explanation! Thanks! Thanks!
  3. As Hoffie3000 said, there's 4 switches you need to make sure are "on" in order for all the electrics to switch seamlessly. There are the two toggle switches to place down (I believe these are the Eng Gen swtiches) and then there are two buttons between the toggle switches which both need to be pressed in.
  4. Just a thought but do you have FSUIPC auto save on? I was getting a weird stutter (well not ME but the screen ) with my Majestic Q400 and it was the FSUIPC autosave.
  5. I've been getting this on the last couple of flight as well. At gate parking brake on, push back - parking brake off (obviously ) - push back complete Parking Brake ON taxi checks then parking brake OFF - taxi out with minimal thrust as she starts rolling at idle and PBrake off - pre flight checks on taxi, this sometimes is where I hear the "The captain has aborted the take off please stay seated..." Often I'll set the parking brake while waiting in line for t/o or at the threshold awaiting release or final departure checks.
  6. well... was able to recreate the flight... i could switch runways and approaches no problem... not sure what was happening last time.
  7. Hi Hans, it was Navigraph 1805; i'm going to try the flight again right now.
  8. Hi All, loving the CRJ as it is now, pretty much all the bugs seem to be fixed for me yay. There is one remaining item that I don't know if it's a bug or user error. When I've got a route set in the FMC with a STAR and an approach chosen and then ATC changes up the approach the FMC seems to go wonky (I know great description and I wish I took screen shots). My flight was CYVR to KSEA (during the Seattle overload event no less) and had the MARNR7 arrival plugged in. Originally they were landing south so I had made a left at MARNR and was closing in on NEHOS when they changed to North Ops. So no problem went to the FMC and selected the north runway - exec (from 16C to 34C). This is where it gets interesting; the FMC 'seemed' to update and a new list of waypoints were on the list page... but now there were TWO sets of route lines on the MFD screen and the new list didn't seem to have anything to do with the change in runway. For instance I was headed to NEHOS but then they changed the runway and cleared me direct SHIPZ. Normally I would go to the FMC list page and soft key L beside SHIPZ and then bring that to the top of the list, but SHIPZ was not listed (I couldn't find a reference for any of the new fixes). SHIPZ did show on the MFD though with the second route line so I was able to use HDG mode to go direct. Again, picture is worth a thousand words and I'll try and remember to take them next time but the airspace was hectic and I was at about 9,000 210kts and been vectored around and vector holds (ATC did do a great job). I've attached the MARNR arrival to view. So is there a different way to change the approach rwy and or STAR? Is there a step you should be "clearing" the previous route before selecting the new one? 00582MARNR_C.pdf
  9. Also, I believe some of the sticky's above have documented this.
  10. Ok, can someone point out where the default state is set on the MCDU? I was trying to look for it and couldn't find it... this is FSX. Thanks!
  11. Yes please +1 Million; different ways of doing it, PMDG accelerates I believe, others right or left click for thousands or hundreds.
  12. The only negative about not using Dave is, does the FMC provide the t/o trim setting?
  13. For what it's worth I had some CTD issues with FSX and the CRJ, but seemed to have resolved them by ensuring FSX is started "as admin mode"/ if using the CRJ planner, starting "as admin mode"/ starting default trike or Cessna at gate of my choosing then switching to CRJ/ letting it settle, initialize, etc. Then using "Dave" (which is really handy btw) to set Cold and Dark; unlike Hans I live and die by checklists so like to start from scratch (maybe because I'm a Real World pilot, not of a CRJ though).
  14. Should we uninstall previous version first? Or ok to install over top?
  15. Not sure if it helps or if it's not relevant that a fix is enroute, but if i switch R REV off then L REV off they both stay on EICAS... if i switch L REV off then R REV off only the "R REV Armed" remains lit...
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