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brake no work in P3D V4.3


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I have the same problem.

I do not have assigned any axis to the brakes in the P3D V4 control panel.

My assignements are all done in FSUIPC. This works nicely in every aircraft except in the AN-2


Of course, i have brake pressure.

Wenn I press the "." button the aircraft brakes nicely and the Brake pressure gauge shows the values (picture 1)

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But when I use the toebrakes, which are assigned and calibrated on FSUIPC nothing happens....



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   (right brake analog)

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Ok, I worked a little bit on this.

I found the "Shift-1" = Panel and switched there from Brake K  to Brake A.

Now the Brake at least reacts on my pedal press.


But it doesn't matter, which of the pedals I press, always both brakes are applied.

Whats wrong?

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seeing this old thread but I experienced the same thing after installing the new v1.1.0.0 updated aircraft.

I experienced the same thing but now got the message "brakes inhibited", which I dont remember from before.

Searching in the manuals, I saw there is a switch for it on center console, 2nd row, left most switch. Most switches have to be turned upward (on).

The brake main switch, next to air power open on the left hand lower console, is an inhibitor switch, so turning it ON/UPWARD turns on an inhibitor effectively switching off the brakes.

Turning it OFF/DOWN solved it for me. Maybe this is what's the case here too, as I don't remember the notice from before the v1.1.0.0 upgrade?

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