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  1. Vielen Dank für den Tipp! Ich habe PFPX komplett deinstalliert und dann neu installiert. Nun funktionierts wieder wie gewünscht!
  2. Ich habe heute aufgrund eines andren Problems das aktuellste Hotfix installiert. Seitdem habe ich massivste Performance-Probleme mit PFPX, die vor dem Update nicht da waren!! Die Antwortzeiten von PFPX würde ich jetzt eher in MINUTEN messen, als in Sekunden. Das geht GARNICHT! btw. die aktuellen Redistrubutibles sind installiert. Und in der Windows-Ereignisanzeige findet man keine Fehlermeldungen. Was kann ich tun?
  3. Breenild

    brake no work in P3D V4.3

    Ok, I worked a little bit on this. I found the "Shift-1" = Panel and switched there from Brake K to Brake A. Now the Brake at least reacts on my pedal press. But it doesn't matter, which of the pedals I press, always both brakes are applied. Whats wrong?
  4. Breenild

    brake no work in P3D V4.3

    I have the same problem. I do not have assigned any axis to the brakes in the P3D V4 control panel. My assignements are all done in FSUIPC. This works nicely in every aircraft except in the AN-2 Of course, i have brake pressure. Wenn I press the "." button the aircraft brakes nicely and the Brake pressure gauge shows the values (picture 1) But when I use the toebrakes, which are assigned and calibrated on FSUIPC nothing happens.... (right brake analog)
  5. Breenild

    annual ground friction question

    ok, the please decide in a positive way you can now close this.
  6. Breenild

    annual ground friction question

    Thank you very much for this link. But what about your announcement to make a extended Twin Otter Extended? I would love this, and I would pay a full price for this new addon, if this cover some annoying things in the actual Twin Otter! ground friction problem a better gps-device or the ability to add the Flight1 GTN perhaps a better handling of climbing or descending while autopilot is active. the actual system isn't very comfortable some turbine temperature problem. When flying in certain conditions, the turbine heats up very much, so you can only fly 120 knots with temperature short below red area. I don't know, if this is realistic! the yoke should be able to remove for better visibility to the instruments And even if some of this wishes are not 100% conform to the real Twotter, it would be nice for a better comfort. If you like you could introduce a switch in the configuration panel for "easy/professional mode", so everyone can select, whatever he like.
  7. Breenild

    annual ground friction question

    I have the simple Lancair Legacy from Real Air, which is an pretty old addon, only made for 32 bit. But the taxiing works here (in P3D V4) like a dream compared to the twin otter!! Mathjs it would be great to describe, how this workaround in FSUIPC works! Or please post here a link to that. I didn;t found anything about that! I can't imagine, how FSUIPC has control over the friction of an aircraft.
  8. Hey Aerosoft, I would like to ask about your opinion, to change something at the terrible taxying behavior of the twin otter??? In a other thread you wrote, this is a FSX/P3D limitation. But this can't be the truth!! I have several aircraft from different developers. But the Twin Otter is the FAR FAR FAR most terrible to taxi aircraft!! It can't be a FSX/P3D limitation, because the other developer can do it nicely. Why not the twin otter??? Tell me please, where this friction is coded! I wanna change that!
  9. Breenild

    Twin Otter ground friction.

    This is a problem I often complained about. I like the twin otter, but I DISLIKE this friction behavior very much. Aerosoft, while so many people complain about that (not only in this tread), can't you please do us the favor and change it? It can't be so much effort! It disreagards, if this is like in real or not. But its simply terrible and very annoying. No other aircraft taxy's so terrible, than the twin otter! Mathijas or some other Aerosoft person, show me please a video, where you are taxiing the Twinotter in Lukla from the runway to a parking spot. This is simply impossible, because a sensitive taxiing isn't possible. Or, if you dont like to change that, please tell me, in which config-file or .air file I personally can change that for myself!
  10. Breenild

    PMDG 777 Glidslope problem

    It would be interesting to know the airport and runway, which you wanted to approach. Because there exists several runways, which are only equipped by localizer and not with a glideslope!
  11. Breenild

    Tried everything still won't connect

    Yes, that i know. we both forewared UDP 6881 and 6882 in the router. But in the AirbusX-Configurator - other Settings - connection Port, i guess there both must use diffrent ports?! Right? Our Version of the AirbusX-Addon was the same. That about the Microsoft C++ software we must check first. And thats the complicate.... why's this nessecary? In the dash-8 this doesnt matter. this simply works....
  12. Breenild

    Tried everything still won't connect

    I have the same problem. yesterday i tried many hours and tried everything, but the CFD doesnt connect. At the Master the right MCDU shows "not connected", at the slave after some seconds "connection error". We want to connect without any VPN-Software, only via forewarded ports. I used a Portchecker (named in the OVPA-Guide), and we both saw, that the port-forewarding is successful. To check if it is the firewall we both deactivated the firewall shortly, but no success. One Question to this: Is it right, that one must use the 6881 Port in the connection Panel and the other must have tha 6882? We both have the Majestic Dash-8 as well, and we could connect there at the first try and did a nice flight together. Why is this in the Aerosoft Airbus soooo difficult???
  13. Breenild

    Daniel's TwOtter paintshop - Rebooted

    Hallo Daniel, ist there any update of your Livery-todo-List? I'm very interested in the Livery of the European Coastal Airlines. Is it ready?
  14. Breenild

    Send your Templates & Aircraft profiles

    Does anyone have a PFPX-Profile for the Aerosoft Twin Otter? I found something here, but the attachment is lost...