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Arni Arnason

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Hi Arni,

Got to agree. The forum has lots and lots of great information help etc, but finding your way about the forum to topics some times can be difficult. Finding info on the A318/319 release was also a bit tortuous, though they did try to keep the release information updated, even though, this also seemed to move.... Though, this is a better situation than having no information. 


I set up shortcuts now to places that I know the information resides, or look at the latest posts and use that as a way in....They do say half the fun is getting there............

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Is you have a suggestion how to do it different we gladly listen. 


Right now we have it this way:  Language > simulator type    > sim     > product type > product. 

So for example:                 English  > Flight Simulation > FSX/P3D > Aircraft     > Aerosoft A318 professional

Or:                             German   > Bus simulation                             >  OMSI


As you see we keep the depth as shallow as possible unless there are so many products it makes no sense. Then we add additional menu's


Most people simply make a link in the browser to where they want to go.

Every other way of organising the forum would be less logical, more complex and certainly more convoluted. But again it's an issue that comes up every meeting and we never had a better idea.


If you have one, please share!


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