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  1. While I agree with the posters...sort of..., I see MFS as a bran new flight sim engine as a work in progress. Their stock aircraft are pretty basic, but do the job until you guys get the CRJ and the buses going. As for the mesh,...yes, you see some strange heights etc, but on the whole, pretty good. Flying over major cities at night is mind blowing. As for flying in New Guinea, I think MFS have done a great job out of the box with lots of the steep runways approaches and landing are far far better than P3D ever could. Not a X Plane user, so can't comment on their angled runways. Th
  2. Solved it.....When I updated the aircraft.cfg, I did not notice that I had missed out a bracket surrounding the fltsim.xx] when I had cut and pasted. When I included the front " [ " , the livery showed up..Its all about "details". This was found by the https://www.inibuilds.com/ support guys. Some great stuff in their site.
  3. Hi Kev.. I just installed a texture.VHQPJ into my Simobjects>Airplanes>Aerosoft A333 RR Professional folder, and the aircraft config file, correctly named VHQPJ into the aircraft.cfg FLTSIM list, consecutively numbered, and mine did not show up either...Not sure why, as all its partners show up in the same folders etc. Now in my case, my Simobjects for the Aerosoft a/c I have lives in the download file structure I have all the Aerosoft aircraft I have loaded, and not in the P3D folder. But this should not matter as other textures load ok. Ummm, need to look further and
  4. Solved the task bar issue. When I started digging, I also noticed the top bar was missing the minimise and X buttons. I clicked the Ctrl + Enter keys, this brought back the top and bottom bars correctly and now my task bar is back. So, some how with all my key pushing to resolve my EFB issue, I must have inadvertently clicked these two keys without noticing. ok, solved.
  5. Thanks Mathijs, that resolved the issue of bright screen. Also stops me testing settings that kills my P3D sessions. Something strange did happen though. After "panel.cfg.stop" of the original panel.cfg, and applying the replacement 'panel.cfg', my task bar is removed when I have a P3D session, making getting to other functions like chaseplane etc now requiring use of the windows key each time. Then when I reverted back to the original panel.cfg, the problem still remains...So, maybe a coincidence, that this issue just appeared at the same time. I always have my task bar 'locked',
  6. I have just loaded the A330, (with Experimental) The main issue so far is the EFB white out when I have HDR on, and the P3D lighting settings set as stated in Vol .1. have been used. If I turn off HDR, then I can read the EFB great, but the cockpit is in dusk brightness and overhead needs lights to see anything. Also, if I turn the EFB to night time mode, it becomes more readable. Some times while I am clicking the various EFB tabs too quickly, it crashes my system. I had a look at some other of my a/c with EFB, eg, the Aerosoft CRJ 700/900 works great, as well as overhead
  7. Hans, very good that you have found an issue that may assist us with flight save/reload.. Can you comment about the current/previous AIRAC dates and how, if at all, they affect the save/reload flight. For example, if i save the flight with AIRAC "A" but reload with AIRAC "B"? As long as the waypoints are the same, does the AIRAC date have any effect? Did you find any difference between Nav database providers? I would imagine most of flights saved would have had FMS data of some sort incorporated. In my case, as you know, the action of reload of a saved
  8. I was in cruise at FL380, some 5 hours into a 7 hour flight(KJFK-EGLC) with no action on the stick(Logitech Extr 30 Pro, using Chaseplane. I notes there are several posts scattered about the forum. To me, it is like the aircraft has run out of fuel and flattened the batteries (despite loads of fuel on board) the aircraft systems just shut down, in my case, the packs went, then the gens then a few moments later, all black. When I was just getting out the life jackets, when at about FL120, she came back to life, with no FMS loaded...
  9. Umm, and I thought I had done something....On a long flight BAW2, KJFK-EGLC with the A318(BA Livery) and just short of Shannon, I just lost all power including electrics, in the night with nothing on the screens....A tad scary, as no RAT, no emergency power. I first noticed pack 2 fault, then pack1 then the gens off line...sort of like fuel starvation, though FOB=7280kg... But after descending from FL380 through 9000, all of a sudden, everything came back to life..Though, the flight plan was lost. Now diverting to EGAA and will land here and give most of my passengers some Valium, then re-sche
  10. Hi Hans, So, you managed to load that YBBN YSCB file, fly for 5 minutes or so, then save the file via the Scenario tab. Close P3D, open P3D, and reload the saved flight with no issues. It is one of those things. All our machines are slightly different. The majority of PC's are similar enough that their Win 10 and P3D and the Aerosoft CRJ build are within your machines allowable code range. I just need to park the CRJ and wait until the coding becomes broad enough to cope with my machine's combination. I just carried out the YBBN-YSCB flight plan and my dog harassed me for some thin
  11. Hi Hans, thank you for reply. Here are the files i had created for the test...For me, they do not even look like loading. CRJ 700 YBBN YSCB2.fxml CRJ 700 YBBN YSCB2.wx CRJ 700 YBBN YSCB2.crj CRJ 700 YBBN YSCB2.crjfms
  12. OK, when I created and saved the scenario, then tried to reload it, it crashed P3D. Several attempts all had the same outcome. Sometimes to the screen saver some times the load hangs requiring me to crash out. For some reason, despite the two updates, that previously allowed me to load a saved scenario, have now stopped working. All other aspects of the aircraft seem to work great. When I reload a saved scenario for the A318-A321, I have no issues. The same for the FSL A320, the PMDG 777, the majestic Q400..all load ok.
  13. As stated previously, I Updated the CRJ700/900 to and applied the Updater for the CABIN ALT and PASS OXY ON warning. On the same day, with no P3D restart, when I saved a flight and reloaded it, the scenario was correctly loaded. and I could carry on with the flight. However, after a restart of my P3D machine, and I reload P3D and try and load the same saved flight, it crashes P3D...either straight to the screen saver or it might hang unresponsive and needs me to use Task Manager and end task. Anyway.........Later, I will create a flight plan and configure the CRJ900 a
  14. Hi Hans, Sorry, I must have explained myself wrongly. The fix you recommended in your first post worked. I did update the a/c to SP1 and I did use the updater to add the repair for the CABIN ALT and PASS OXY warning. The Save and Reload the Flight Scenario now works, with one issue. When I reloaded the Flight Scenario, On the PFD, the next waypoint is flashing and a bipping sound. I have seen this before. Why is it some times setting up the flight plan and cockpit settings, on the PFD, under the V speeds, the first waypoint is flashing all the time, in my case, 34.
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