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  1. Arni Arnason

    3 folder Faroe Islands for XPlane 11

    Danke dir Heinz. Das ist in Deutsch. Gott sei dank ich sprache und lese Deutsch.
  2. Do the three extracted folders go int the custome scenery folder.
  3. Arni Arnason

    Totally annoying

    You get the new bus and find out that you have to do totally different procedures in comparison with the competitor. Why can developers not agree on the same workflow. There is the same workflow on all 318/319/320 in the real world not in the fs world....which is stupid. Also why does Aerosoft not connect with Navigraph....that all of us use. Raise the price if that is the creating limitations. I will gladly pay a few S more for a 99% product. Goodnight
  4. Arni Arnason


    I think the aerosoft forum is a comeplete disaster it´s so badly organised. Once you enter you get lost in a forest without directions.
  5. Arni Arnason

    DC-8 63

    Will there be a 63 version with paint kit available. Icelandair main transport to BNA for decates
  6. I´ve just dl Aspen. The dl MUST be improved otherwhise at purchase comes inintersing. People give up waiting. I´ve been hours dl. the Aspen and that is not service in our speede interent connection. Do something aboot - NOW
  7. Arni Arnason

    Your dl time is unacceptalbe

    Version 1.0.0


    I´ve been dl the Aspen for hours now and you really need to improve you server speed. This is completely not accaptable to have to wait for hour. You can do better.
  8. Arni Arnason

    HD mesh

    I just purchased the promissing Aspen scenery. The manual refers to HD mesh scenery in order to use one of the zip files. I don´t know if I´m using HD mesh. Were do I get HD mesh in order to use the zip file, I obviously want the scenery as good as possible.
  9. Arni Arnason

    BIKF new scenery

    In the instruction with the new BIKF for XP scenery it says than one should execute the exe file. There is no exe file among the downloaded files. Pls. advise how to install the scenery. PS. In the manual the title is .....for XP 10 On you´re website it´s sold as XP11 scenery
  10. I have bought the FSDG - Airport Keflavik and in the manual it says: Installation is simple. Start the exe file you downloaded and follow the instructions on your screen. There is no exe file among the downloadet files! I would appreciate your help to install this scenery correctly into X plane 11 Also proof of purchase from Aerosoft Thank you / danke schön