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Parking position for the Airbus A318/319


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Especially in the parking position for the Airbus A318/319 with rigid jetway, it is very noticeable that the Airbus is not in the intended parking position.
This causes the jetway to dock incorrectly and airport traffic passes through the stern.

This is the case at all airports such as EDDT, EDDH, EDDS etc.
I am grateful for help

with best regards




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Hi Bernhard,


if I am not totally mistaken this is due to a P3D limitation.

P3D will position your aircraft right in the middle of the gate. So it does not adjust it by placing the nose wheel on the marking, but by placing the middle of the aircraft at the middle position of the parking spot in the AFCAD.


With longer aircraft such as the A320 or 737-800 it might not be as noticable, but with shorter aircraft like the A318 or A319 it is a more pronounced effect.

You should see a similar effect with very long aircraft like the 747 or 777-300.

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We agree it is not nice, the whole system would be so much better if developers had the possibility to position the aircraft and parking spot with a nose gear reference rather than a center reference. Unfortunately Lockheed does not provide such an option, so we have to work with what Lockheed offers for now.

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I take up this topic again, since it bothers me quite a bit.....

It is not only the rigid jetways that dock incorrectly but also the stairs of GSX that do not dock but stop 2 meters in advance.

In the end it would be enough for me if I could change 2 gates with fixed jetways in the afcards using ADE so that the A319 takes the right place, but I can't see through this and I don't find this either.

Somehow it "screws up" the start of the game when the stairs in front of the cockpit dock and nothing looks right....since I have 16 airports, it's even more frustrating when all the other airplanes are standing right and only the Aerosoft Airbus is not.

Best regards


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ich greife dieses Thema noch einmal auf, da es mich doch ziemlich stört....

Es sind ja nicht nur die starren Jetways, die falsch andocken sondern auch die Treppen von GSX, die nicht andocken sondern 2 Meter vorher stehen bleiben.

Mir würde es ja letztendlich schon reichen, wenn ich 2 Gates mit festen Jetways in den Afcards mittels ADE so verändern kann, das der A319 den richtigen Platz einnimmt aber da blicke ich nicht durch und finde dies auch nicht.

Irgendwie "versaut" es einem den Spielstart, wenn die Treppe vor dem Cockpit andockt und nichts richtig ausschaut....da ich 16 Airports habe, ist es noch frustrierender, wenn alle anderen Flugzeuge richtig stehen und nur der Aerosoft Airbus nicht.


Besten Gruß


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