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I allready posted my question on the steam forum, but I don't think it will be answered there, so I try here also.


Hello all,

Since yesterday I wasn't really able to run omsi anymore on my system. I was always capable of doing this even in low quality settings, while I still have a decent system.

Anyway, yesterday I did one route and went out of game, after a while I restarted the game, wanted to do another route and it took real long to load getting a black screen, I looked at the logfile.txt and inhere it give the following warning

727 18:23:27 - - Warning: Direct3D-Device lost!
728 18:23:27 - - Information: Direct3D-Device resetted!
729 18:23:27 - - Information: Reset State Matrices...
730 18:23:27 - - Information: Start Tex Thread...
731 18:23:27 - - Information: Init Red Line...
732 18:23:27 - - Information: Set Initial Render States... (this keeps repeating every 6 or 7 seconds)

I searched the web and someone suggested to reinstall your drivers, on a sidenote, somebody else suggested to me I should try a driver that was a couple of months old, so I did this both in one go, installed the nvidia drivers from february 2018, ran the game and found out it started lightning fast, even got the game running on high settings, and it ran beautifully until I experienced some lag, bouncing bus in Aachen. So I stopped the game and wanted to restart again and I got the same problem again as yesterday.

Now I thought maybe I have to turn off SLI, which I did, but it still gives the above warnings, so that didn't work either..... Anyone else have an idea that may help me?

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Got it figured out and this is entirely my fault..... I had to put a checkmark in front of reduced multithreading.  I kinda think this is weird since it didn't seem to be doing anything at all with the latest gpu drivers, but it sure does something when using the older ones.

Only thing that's happening now is that I have a problem with texture loading, but I will figure that out ;)

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