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PFPX file

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just found a complete perfs manual with enough data to do a complete pfpx profile for -55 even with two and three engines cruise.


was wondering if there is any interest for it?



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Hi Phil


That would be great if you could manage it.


Thank you in advance




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That would be great for sure! I was about to post just about that. That i need a pfpx profile to be able to plan a flight :lol:. Im feeling lost without a profile for the dc8

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Ok seems someone else worked on it and close to be finished ...


can i get the weight of the aerosoft dc8?


Operating Empty Weight

Maximum Zero Fuel Weight

Maximum Take off Weight

Maximum Fuel Load


thanks a lot.



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The weights are as follows:


Operating Empty Weight          138,266 lbs

Maximum Zero Fuel Weight     188,506 lbs

Maximum Take off Weight        325,000 lbs

Maximum Fuel Load                159,000 lbs

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