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  1. Yes, i'm sure, but please look at those weight numbers... Like -974077808 I also cant get the EFB to show any positive numbers while in Quito (SEQM). I even tested the plane without payload, only with fuel and it doesnt work.
  2. @Hans Hartmann Please look at this one. This is with a totally empty plane, not even fuel. Please look at the weights too
  3. Hi @Hans Hartmann I don't think that's the case because as you can see below, it happens with all combinations of runway condition and flaps. Please look at the screenshots. This only happened with the new update. Before that it was ok.
  4. Hi! Just installed the latest update and now the V speeds calculation dont work. They show some crazy speed in negative. Please look at the screenshot
  5. I changed manually the file and changed the R237L for R237R And yet the plane still turns left. Is that the only change that i should make? I was under the impression that the drawing was wrong because there's no visible connection between the arc and the flight plan path as i always see on the pmdg/fsl planes but i may be wrong on that
  6. Hi Hans! First of all let me congratulate you. This plane is awesome!. The modeling is just amazing as well as the lightning and the systems! This morning during a flight i found an issue. If you position the plane at TNCM and try to add this SID: " JULNA2 transicion JUICE" you will notice something odd: The route isn' t drawn correctly in the ND. furthermore, if you try to fly it the plane will initially fly it ok until it reaches the beginning of the arc: It will turn left instead of right and stop following the flightplan and will start flying in circles. Please look
  7. Hi Mathijs! Can i ask you, what is the official aerosoft position regarding classic jetliners (For example... 747-200 or a DC8)? and what about something like a learjet? What's the position about that?
  8. Yeah... you may be right. i dont understand anything about marketing. but, as a software developer who make his life writing code 6 days a week, i think i may have a clue about development
  9. Ahh... so bad.. I have that 727 and is full of bugs. the other two are lacking in systems that's why i think they should be made with the Aerosoft Quality
  10. !? What? Dc10? a310? 747? what? done? by who? If you're talking about that old 737.. the vc isn't good at all, and the auto pilot has issues turning. Also, is a few years old by now. i know about the citation you may be thinking about, but im thinking of a bigger one. The 727, well.. is a mess of bugs (At least the one from a famous developer) anyway... please send me a message with the dc10, 747 and a310 developer names please!!
  11. Hi guys! I love the quality of Aerosoft addons, and i always wonder... why only small aircraft projects? like two seat planes, and stuff like that? Please, try with a classic! A classic jetliner or a classic turbo prop. (+10 seats http://forum.aerosoft.com/public/style_emoticons/default/rolleyes.gif) If you don't want to make a classic (that's too bad!), try something different. Like a business jet. Some projects that i will die for: 747 Classics (200, 100, SP, etc)DC-8DC-7TristarA cessna citation727! (I know there's one from other developer. i own it, b
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