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  1. Hi guys! So i finally got the plane a few days ago to learn how to fly it while the cargo version arrives. The plane has a great value. I love the sounds and the modelling (specially the vc). i'm not a fan of the "Like new" look, since these planes are really old by now, but i can understand that they where new too in their time. The handling its amazing as well as the engine lag. I love the fact that you can turn the VC lights at any time, not only at night. That was a must for me. The system modelling is great too. as i said: this offers a lot of value for the money. A few things that i don't like: The product is focused so much in normal procedures that there' s no wiggle room. For example: The cross feed in the fuel panel is not modeled, nor are the fire extinguishers etc. I do hope that the dev maybe increases the complexity a bit more, at least giving us the fuel cross feed. Also, while the product simulates external power/external air there are no visible carts for those and you have to use shortcut keys to activate them since there' s no panel to do so. Something like what the guys from the maddog did should be amazing here. The documentation is very good but the lack of screenshots make it really difficult to follow in a plane with such an amount of switches everywhere and so little automation. To give you an example, i'm yet to find the ground spoilers. Screenshots for the tutorial and the system descriptions can improve the documentation quite a lot. Take the fuel system as an example: The possibility of screwing things up with the fuel system is so big that i'm surprised the documentation doesn't have pictures/diagrams at least for the fuel system. As for bugs, i found one quite curious: The fuel gauges have a small knob on the upper right corner to adjust a small needle. If the needle reaches the limit but you keep scrolling the knob lets say for a minute, you will need to scroll back for a minute too in order to get the needle moving again. Its like while the needle has reached its maximum value, the underlying variable associated with it can be increased anyway. In the sounds department, the only bug that i found so far is that if the flaps are retracted and you push the retract button anyway, the sound plays too as if the lever is moving, but its not since the flaps are up. With the panel night light i found a few labels that are not illuminated but i dont know if that's a bug or if the real plane is like that too. Also, while trying to see if the engines can be seen from the cockpit, i found a hole behind the FE panel. I think that's all for now. As i said, the plane is great and offers a great value. I cant wait for the cargo version to arrive. Thanks a lot @Michael2 for such a great product. I love to see that you continue improving it.
  2. That would be great for sure! I was about to post just about that. That i need a pfpx profile to be able to plan a flight . Im feeling lost without a profile for the dc8
  3. @Michael2 Are you planning to add big features to the plane in the future? Or from now on is just small changes and bug fixes?
  4. Hi guys I love classics so the dc-8 is a natural fit for my tastes. Before i get this, i have a few questions: * Is there any chance that we may get a windowless, cargo version? because what i really want to do is cargo ops * How deep are those systems? What are the compromises? the systems that dont work or are simplistic versions? * Can i save and resume a flight later? i live in a country where we have power cuts so this is a must for me. * Is the INS fully functional? * Can i get the manual before purchasing? Thanks!
  5. I think that @Hans Hartmann is trying to push for a bigger update next time. I find myself coming daily to see if a new patch has arrived
  6. Cyberstudio

    FMS 8

    What? Now that you say it, i think the O is upside down too
  7. @Hans Hartmann I feel so glad for you, that you managed to release this beast and the fixes are coming fast and steady. There's a lot of quality in this product. I can only dream what you will be able to turn this into when you release SP1. You must be german or something, same as @Stefan Hoffmann Good job men, well done.
  8. @Hans Hartmann is there any possibility that we can get a small update with the fixes that are ready? Call it an "Experimental" version or so. I have the feeling that since you have fixed a lot of things. If you release an experimental version we can benefit from those fixes and help you testing the fixes.
  9. Happened twice to me yesterday. As a temporary fix you can "Force" a restart of the ATC system by opening the map window in P3D/FSX and modifying the heading of the aircraft by .1 degrees. Lets say that you open the Map window and your heading is shown as 170.2. Change that to 170.1 or 170.3 and click the Ok button. That will force a reload (without altering your flight) and the ATC will start responding again.
  10. Guys, there's something that i dont understand. Since Aerosoft planes are so framerate friendly, why dont you model some part of the cabin? Maybe only first class or so. Its so nice to walk in there during cruise. I remember that in the first pmdg 747 they did that and it was amazing to go back there from time to time. With a german modeler like the one you have i can only dream about what he may do there.
  11. Hi Mathijs! Can i ask you, what is the official aerosoft position regarding classic jetliners (For example... 747-200 or a DC8)? and what about something like a learjet? What's the position about that?
  12. Yeah... you may be right. i dont understand anything about marketing. but, as a software developer who make his life writing code 6 days a week, i think i may have a clue about development
  13. Ahh... so bad.. I have that 727 and is full of bugs. the other two are lacking in systems that's why i think they should be made with the Aerosoft Quality
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