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Valencia taking a very very long time to load, if it loads at all...


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There was already a thread opened a while ago but very quickly dismissed about an issue of Valencia not loading at all on approach. I can load a flight there just fine, and SODE issues apppart, with works like a charm. But if I slew a cople hundred miles away, and slew back in, it doesn't load. If I fly from anywhere, it doesn't load either. It looks exactly the same as on the other thread. Two black areas where the buildings should be.  I just found I had the same issue with an i7 7700K, 16GB of DDR4 ram and an Nvidia GTX1080. No freeware sceneries installed. Just FTX global base, and Vector installed on that area. I don't have the same issue anywhere else. Even in London, yeah, my FPS can be not that great on approach in london (20/25 with my settings) but in most places it's 30 fps locked on 30. 


Now, my question is... Valencia X doesn't show Prepar3d V4 compatible, only up to 3.x. Does that mean that an update is in the works?


Thanx in advance.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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