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I am seeing the same thing. GNSS CTL is missing.

I Downloaded "AS_CRJ700-900-X_FSX-P3D-FSXSTEAM_V1030" from Simmarket recently.

Will uninstall / install the CRJ once again...


EDIT: same thing after complete wipe of the CRJ and re-install of v1.0.3. No GNSS CTL. And the bearing pointers are behaving the same way as in 1.0.2.

Aerosoft might want to re-check the content of the installers that you distribute to re-sellers. Seems like the changes are not simply there? Or can just be isolated to SimMarket?

Desktop Screenshot 2017.12.13 -

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OK. The installer file has been switched out and now contains the correct 1.0.3 gauge files. I downloaded and tested it myself before typing this post.

Please re-download the installer and run it again. Please be aware that it might take a bit before the installer is available in other online shops. I know that Simmarket sends email notifications if an update is available but I'm not sure about others. When in doubt just wait until later today. Hopefully everything will be sync'ed by then.


I apologize for the trouble!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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