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Tachometer issue and some others


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Hello, thanks a lot for this wonderful plane, and after two flights, there are some remarks for you:

First, there is no airspeed reading on the airspeed gauge (the needle don´t move). See fourth for more details.

Second, i tried to start the An-2 along the steps described in the video (youtube-link) and along the normal procedures of the manual. Both times, the engine won´t start, but i think, i have to exercise this compelxe start procedure (hint: before P3D, i flew the An-2 from Sibwings and it starts without any problem with the same procedure).

Third, the manual has some logical gaps: what is the syring pump (is it the manual fuel pump or the primer pump)? and What is the overcurrent switch (i found no description in the manuals)?

Fourth, the two mini-updates (both from the forums) are installed on my system. After this, i decided to change the installation to the P3D simobjects folder (left the addon.xml in my documents folder, alter the xml-entries to the new effects, bin and simobjects folders). Result: The airplane functions properly for me (except the airspeed gauge - the gauge doesn´t function before the updates and after the updates - the same after changing the install-place from documents to the P3D folder, no function before and after). I have checked all circuit braker to on - is there an single circuit braker for the airspeed gauge (overlooked from me)?.

Fifth, i think the differential brakes are a little bit to strong. The aircraft stops at low taxispeed instead to make a turn (rudder is applied).


Thanks for reply and now, i will do some other flights behind a massiv propeller :-)


I´m using P3D 4.1 on a Win10 64bit OS.

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First - this happens when there is still pitot covers on


second - the engine starts by first having the magnetos on and following the procedures. 


third- the syringe pump is a small lever next to the pilots seat on the right and it’s hard to see. 


Fifth - i don’t know because I have yet to make the differential brakes work even after charging the air system. This is after the update. 

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Hello and thanks for reply, let us discuss about the service window: There are several clickspots. One of them is for the locks etc., This clickspot toggle the pitot covers also i thought. Another way to toggle the pitot covers was not found in the manuals? Further, there is a clickspot to toggle between keyboard brakes and axis brakes with pedals - and the axis brakes functions as desribed, the more rudder, the more efficiency the brakes to turn (just with pneumatic pressure for the brake system). Nevertheless, i think i have to exercise taxi-turns and the starting procedure of the engine (thank you for the hint "magnetos should be on").


The terms "syrenge pump" and "overcurrent switch" are only listed at the "normal procedures" (no description in the other parts of the Manual). Therefore, i was a bit unsafe, what this is.


Regards, Claus-Peter

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  • Developer

Just on the braking options:

Option A: Braking with pedals and using the pedal brakes: With his you can nicely control the braking strength and with full rudder and a bit of prop wash you get her turning. Be aware of wind on ground as it is much more difficult to turn away from wind versus turning into the wind.

Option K: This does not allow a controlled braking strength as you use the brake key and that applies full brake force quickly. The pedal position is distributing more to one side than the other but never fully (issue of all FS and P3D versions) So you need to give short impulses supported with the plane slowly rolling and support from rudder and prop wash.


The K option is the realistic version but in reality you have a lever with which you can dose the pressure which in the sim is not exactly the same. You need to practice with the K option but it works.


Lastly I have increased prop wash force a bit further and that modification will come with the update.

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