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Gibt es Irgendwann von PFPX ein Update nach dem ich auch Flugpläne für die CRJ EXPORTIEREN kann, oder weiss jemand wie und womit mann das machen kann???


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10 minutes ago, wildeboer said:

i use in simbrief the airbus flp export for the crj . it has the same extention.



Damit wäre ich vorsichtig. Obwohl es eine Ähnlichkeit gibt, weicht das Format der CRJ von dem des Airbus ab. Aber ich bin sicher, dass Christian das neue Format in PFPX einbauen wird.

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My friends,


I'll be posting this is a few different threads to make sure everyone who has asked about this knows.... Derek at Simbrief got back to me late this evening to let me know that he's added the Aerosoft CRJ to SimBrief.


Here is the message Derek sent to me:


Hi Dave,


The CRJ format is now available on SimBrief! If you don't see the "Aerosoft CRJ" format at first, try re-generating a flight plan and it should show up.




As I don't own the CRJ myself, I haven't been able to test these files on the actual aircraft. For now I've simply followed the guidelines in the PDF file and hoped for the best. If you get a chance to try it out, and if you find any bugs, please let me know and I'll do my best to solve them ASAP.




  - Derek





Also... the CRJ Flight Plan format is highly similar to the Aerosoft Airbus format, but not the same.



Best wishes and Happy Flights!

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