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  1. for a friend , using a homebuild cockpit build on fs2004 , searching a scenery for LPPT. I found the V2 but not sure if it can used with fs2004.
  2. wildeboer regards wil de boer Vatsim new online client Swift uses the same webadres with different port and causes noproblems at all. I have uninstalled swift but it did`nt solve the problem . Still ctd after confirming the connection. It is beyond my knowledge why swift uses the same webadress with different port number has no problem to connect . regards wil de boer
  3. ok I followed a sugestions and patches made here and via navigraph support. And what I have found about this error in google search. until now no luck as soon as I pass the 2 conformation screens p3d4 ( the latest) shuts down. All the maps are shared and its the only progamm one that causes this trouble. I have/use hifi AS , projectfly , LRM , and several simelite solutions progams and little navmap. non of these progamms are on when starting the crj the only prog thats on is navigraphs simlink And its not that I`m blaming aerosoft or navigraph no I`m very happy with the support. Friends with flightsim have no trouble at all , I realy think its an institution on my pc. so I keep using the crj Ipad to setup for the flights and use charts on my tablet . regards wil
  4. I know but myne was in C/documents folder.And because the former crj7/9 , p3d4 and aivla efb files this was not a protected folder. waiting for the update regards wil
  5. thx just had a chat whit friend. since she uninstall the crj from c/progam files and install somewhere els in C no more ctd after changing charts
  6. Just 1 thing after de reinstall the FO pfdcand mfd are black
  7. my friend had it on c/progamfiles installed. I in c/documents now on D outside p3d4 thatis also on D/L.M./p3d4
  8. so far I try`d everythiing. follow the forum answers google the error and follow the answers uninstall the crj and reinstall different map I`m not shure if the navi connection works because of the crash. A friend had the same crash after changing charts and she deleted the crj and add it in a different folder and the crash was over.
  9. ok i try`d it ll so far. the refences in the forum the error code via google uninstalling the crj and reinstall in different folder. the crash stays. till now i`m not shure if the connection with navi works because of the crash
  10. i followed the google serch to solve this but stil ticking navigraph shuts downthe sim
  11. p3d4 is always started in admin rights.I have changed the browser from edge to chrome . I work wit W10 64 bit and the option IE11 was not enabled . I wil try tomorrow to change from chrome to firefox . Now when I start ipad/charts popup navigraph with username and password I gave it in and the whole sim shuts down using window network diag . It says Thee remote device or ressource won`t aceept the connection . Detected
  12. is there a possibility that the starting the crj ipad with navigraph and simlink is active causes this???
  13. should i uninstall the previous version crj ???? I`m 1 step further start the ipad and charts .redirected to and navigraph username and password is asking .doing so it stil the same no connection I also did that fron edge to chrome windowsn defender
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