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Seem to be missing the Series 100?


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I purchased the Twin Otter Extended on Sept 13th 2013, having previously owned the older version.


Recently I noticed that there are repaints available for the Series 100 aircraft, but upon checking, I don't have the Series 100 installed.


Am a missing something, as it looks like the Series 100 does come with the Twin Otter Extended package?


Thank you!



Alastair Summers.

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Hi Mathijs,


Many thanks for your response.


Just so I understand fully - was it just that at the time I bought the package, the 100 series wasn't included?


As I notice from the current Twin Otter Extended product page, the 100 series is listed as part of the package?




Or has there been a newer release of the Twin Otter since I purchased in 2013?  I do recall reading that the latest is the 4th redevelopment.


Thanks again for your input.


Best Regards,


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