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  1. Stunning work. Though I'm more of a propeller pilot, so am looking forward to getting hold of the Twin Otter sometime further down the line. Thanks for your efforts.
  2. Hello Mathijs. Having checked the settings, its clear that I have forgotten to increase the mesh complexity etc. Issue rectified, and my apologies for having troubled you with a self inflicted problem! Best Regards, Alastair Summers.
  3. Hello Otto. Thank you for your reply - Unfortunately and obviously rather oddly, the Vector config tool doesn't pick up any of the Antarctic airports at all, so I can't disable AEC for them. Regards, Alastair.
  4. Good Morning. Yesterday I re-installed Antarctica X, having upgraded my PC several months ago. Unfortunately I'm seeing some graphical anomalies - see below screen shot of Rothera/EGAR. I don't recall having had issues in the past, and have owned and installed Antarctica X a few times over the years. I did purchase some Orbx products in their January sale, namely Vector and Global, so perhaps these are causing some conflicts? I am using FSX:SE, and have tried redownloading Antarctica X from my Aerosoft account (so the latest version), and reinstalling, but still the same issue. I also have Aerosoft Launcher installed. I note a previous thread that sounds like similar issue. Any assistance appreciated, thank you. Best Regards, Alastair Summers.
  5. Hi Otto, Sorry for the delayed response, and thanks for taking the time to help me with this issue. The issue manifests itself on the McMurdo ice runway (runway or parking area). I did some testing via slew mode, moving the Airbus into the air a few times and doing an approach and landing. At touch down, the aircraft flips over and crash is detected by the sim. Antarctica X version would be the latest I would assume, as I only downloaded it again from this website last year (though I've owned the product since it was first released). I will do some further testing myself later this week, to see if the other ice runways in the scenery are also a problem for the Airbus. I must confess I gave up last week, and went and enjoyed flying the Airbus around some other parts of the world where this problem doesn't arise! Thanks again.
  6. Well, Aerosoft produce both the Airbus, and the scenery. I can land all other aircraft on the ice runway at McMurdo. A319 registration VH-VHD, operated by Sky Traders, operates a flight to the McMurdo ice runway. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skytraders#/media/File:Antarctica_McMurdo_Ice_Runway_Skytraders_A319.jpg Is there a work around for this?
  7. It seems I've left out a key bit of information, and having now experimented a bit further, the problem is narrowed down a bit. I reinstalled the A318/19 as I was trying to undertake a polar flight, namely Christchurch to McMurdo Ice Runway (Aerosoft Antarctica X). Having tried the Airbus at other world airports, there is no issue at all. So the problem I've described is localised to an ice runway in the Aerosoft Antarctica X scenery - But any indications of why this may be?
  8. Thanks for your reply. Completely new hard drives, if that's what you mean - so there was no previous installation of the Airbus to cause any conflict.
  9. Hello all, I'm facing an issue with Airbus in my FSX:SE installation. Purchased the A318/19 last year, and used it without issue for several months. Built a new system last December, and have only just got round to re-installing the Airbus. For reasons unknown, this time round its providing some issues. Throttles weren't working initially, but I sorted that out following the documentation. Current issue is that the aircraft is stuck to the spot! At low power settings, the wheels turn in odd jerks, and the aircraft jerks forward in tiny tiny increments. At full power, it simply stays rooted to the spot. Most odd! Can anyone suggest what might be causing this and a fix? I'm not using any additional pushback or airport software. I did a quick google search, and there seems to be some others have experienced this, but the threads I found were on other forms and none seemed to come to a conclusion that would help me. Some suggested a brake axis or assignment issue, but no other aircraft have this issue for me. Brakes are assigned to joystick trigger, and period button. Also even in take off state, there is a nose wheel steering message on the PFD, flashing orange, stating nw strg disc. Could this be related? Any assistance gratefully accepted. Thanks. Regards, Al.
  10. I'd pay any money asked, for a DHC Dash 7 of the same quality as the Twin Otter Extended. Milton Shupe's is nice of course... But I long for a payware quality version.
  11. Thank you! That is most appreciated. Regards, Al.
  12. Hi, Today I downloaded Holgi's 'A320_CFM_UNTITLED' repaint. Unfortunately when I try to open or extract it, I get a message that it is invalid. I downloaded a couple of other repaints to make sure it was only this file with the problem, and they opened just fine. Would love to get the untitled repaint, so wondered if Aerosoft could check the file, or whether it means Holgi has to upload it again. A special thank you to Holgi for providing us with these amazing repaints - I just hope I can get the untitled one soon! Thanks again. Regards, Al.
  13. Ah, problem solved! Sorry! This seems to be one of the few features that the aircraft doesn't 'remember' if you close FS and restart! Still, I wonder if its possible to reattach them without exiting?! Anyway, back to flying this little beauty....
  14. Whilst sat on the ground happily warming the engine up, I decided to take a look around the interior of this beautiful little aircraft. I didn't think there was any harm in operating the yellow handles at the front-top of the rear doors (left and right). Upon then unlocking and clicking on the rear doors, they popped off the hinges and vanished!! Therefore my first flights in this little beauty have been distinctly drafty, and very very loud! Simply amazing realism, but to be honest I would like it if the little hooligan who picked the doors up from beneath my Dornier, and made off with them, would kindly bring them back and reattach them! I've tried running maintenance mode, to see if it would reattach them...it hasn't. I've tried all manner of clicking and closing, opening and closing etc on the doors/accessories pictures on the kneeboard. Infact, the doors in question open and close on the kneeboard, and a loud 'door closing' noise can be heard too. But when I look around to see if they are back...nope, nothing! Still empty door frames! Help! Kind regards, Al.
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