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GATC 1.1.12 with Airac 1701

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I need your help, please:


I have just updated GATC Airac data from the shipped 1309 to the latest version 1701 (NavDataPro).

Now I find some airports turn out as being partly unplayable. 


For example Chicago O'Hare (KORD): There are no more SIDs to clear starting planes to. Well almost, as there is one SID for all, called "ORD2", that is in fact "ORD".

So in order to handle starting planes over, they have to fly right to the airport they started from after the start.... that's strange isn't it? This is for every starting plane.

No other point to direct them to... planes will hold at any other points.

It was different with 1309 data, for sure.


What is buggy? The simulation or the data or am I missing something (being quite new to this...)?


Thanks for any insights....


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I have found the reason for this irritation:


Inside the NavDataPro/PROC - folder you will find the file KORD.txt, containing lines as follows:



IF,ORD,41.98768889,-87.90481944, ,0.0,0.0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,


This is the reason why every departure has to be directed to "ORD", using



Now, to prevent this and make the simulation realistic again just comment these two lines out, as follows:



# IF,ORD,41.98768889,-87.90481944, ,0.0,0.0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,


As a consequence the departures will have to be directed to other and different fixes, now.


So you need to inspect the NavDataPro - Proc file carefully, in case you experience problems like this.


For comparing purposes I bought AIRAC 1701 from Navigraph, too.

Those two lines mentioned above are not included in the respective KORD.txt from Navigraph, so you don't experience this surprising behaviour with it.


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vor 5 Stunden , Adel Zakhary sagte:

can you post where to purchase AIRAC cycles? 




Find NavDataPro AIRAC cycles here: Simulation&s_language=english


Or from the competitor NaviGraph here:


You can purchase either only one cycle, 4 cycles a year or 13 cycles a year.

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