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  1. This is how it looks now, after the latest AIRAC-Update:
  2. In the manual you have copied in your answer you see the Command "DIRECT TO AND JOIN". This in fact addresses what I have answered you in my very first answer above. You direct your plane to LIMKO and there it automatically joins a given procedure. My second answer addresses the "JOIN PROCEDURE" command, used to command a procedure explicitly. The manual indeed only gives an example of a procedure name. In both cases it is important to route the plane to LIMKO, as this is the initial fix for the procedure starting there. The reason for the exchange of the "R" with an "H" is the different AIRAC. Procedure names have changed with the AIRAC that is valid since yesterday. While in AIRAC 1703/1704 "R30_X-LIMKO" has been the name of this RNP-procedure, the name changed with AIRAC 1706 to "H30_X-LIMKO". When you update your AIRAC data, you will no longer find "R30_X-LIMKO" in the procedures, but "H30_X-LIMKO" instead. You can easily verify this by inspecting and comparing the procedure file (LLBG.txt in the PROC subdirectory). It is of course easier to verify it by looking into the charts, in case you have access to them. So the procedure name to command is always identical to the one listed in the PROCEDURES-tab. HTH
  3. There is no ILS on Runway 30 at LLBG. The Approach Procedure selected above is the RNP. Anyway, to explicitly command the procedure, you can do it like this: (See the command examples in the Manual, page 12.) In the attached animation you can see how the plane confirms the destination LIMKO first and then confirms the procedure. Just watch the command line and the information on the screen. HTH :-) (Edit: Please not that I am already on AIRAC 1706 and the procedure name has slightly changed.)
  4. The attached image shows what happened after giving the command ACA5894 D LIMKO So this works just fine. Alternatively you could just mouse-drag the plane to LIMKO to get the same result. HTH
  5. Broadway

    LIDO charts here to stay?

    Why do you (or anyone) consider the LIDO charts being superior over the Jeppesen charts? I am just curious and have not decided for either LIDO or Jeppesen... Thank your for any insights...