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Too much fuel in tank


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Ok, this is a strange one. I've never seen this happen before in all the time I've had the Bus.


So I complete the fuel planner and it tells me I need 10.1 tons of fuel. So I click on "generate loadsheet". On the right MCDU I click on "loadsheet" to automatically load passengers and fuel and this is what I get after i click  on "instant":




You will notice that  my actual fuel is 19.17 tons. In other words full to capacity. I can confirm that it is 100% full because my VR speed was around 150 knots, and when I hit shift and z I had 100% in the top left corner. I'm using P3D v3.3 if that's relevant, although like I said, I've never seen this before.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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