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  1. Sorry, forgot to give all details Using NavDataPro , Cycle 1813, Compared to AIP Croatia Mladen
  2. Hi! In FSCommander 10, DME "LUK" position 4.5 NM SW of LDZA airport has a wrong name "LUCAVEK". Correct name is "LUKAVEC" Mladen
  3. If Air Traffic Control finds out that altitude readout displayed on Controller's Traffic display is incorrect, the pilot will be instructed to "Stop Squawk Charlie" - to stop transmitting altitude information. Wrong altitude information could trigger false TCAS alerts for pilots and STCA (Short Term Conflict Alert) for Controllers. When altitude reporting is OFF, radar identification is maintained (squawk "CODE" is still transmitted) and radar separation can be applied. I suppose there could be other uses, but just this one comes to my mind.
  4. Latest charts from fly.rocketroute.com https://fly.rocketroute.com/plates/adminview/EGPH_IAC_ILS_DME_NDB(L)_RWY_24.pdf?cmd=pdf&docid=400000000316147&icao=EGPH https://fly.rocketroute.com/plates/adminview/EGPH_IAC_ILS_DME_NDB(L)_RWY_06.pdf?cmd=pdf&docid=400000000316137&icao=EGPH
  5. You can find these values on Instrument Approach charts. Value for BARO: Value for RADIO:
  6. On MCDU go to DIR page. Find the waypoint in the list of waypoints (use up and down arrow to find it) and click on LSK next to it. On ND you will see a direct route as a dashed line. If you are satisfied with the proposed route, confirm it by clicking on RSK6 (INSERT). All points until your DIR TO waypoint are deleted automatically. If the Waypoint is not on your route (not in list) or you can not find it (point is far down your route), enter the waypoint name in the scratchpad, insert it in LSK1 and confirm with RSK6. In this case you will have to manually sequence the flight plan (delete all waypoints which are skipped)
  7. Hello! The thing is that the current MCDU does not recognize all ARINC 424 leg types which are used to construct SIDs and STARs. Most of ARINC legs are simplified or substituted with similar legs and this often gives totally wrong presentation of some SIDs and STARs. I hope the NEW Bus will be more ARINC 424 compliant. For this reason I suggest to fly such SIDs and STARs according to Charts using Selected modes (heading, speed, vertical speed, use VORs and NDBs for navigation) You can get some idea of ARINC 424 Procedural Leg Types here: http://www.uasc.com/docs/default-source/documents/service-bulletin/3039sv60x-70x.pdf?sfvrsn=b9d6f53_2
  8. Problem solved! Took me a while to determine that the problem is not in NavDataPro Application, but is connected to Windows 10. To solve the problem, you need to edit the registry. Details are explained in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=COyL-vIwlfg
  9. It seems to me the frequencies are correctly tuned if the copilot announces "LOC alive". I am more concerned about correct aircraft configuration for approach. Is the aircraft correctly positioned below the Glide Slope when arming/activating Approach? What is the Airspeed and flaps configuration? Would be helpful if you post a picture (in jpg format) of PFD, ND, FCU and MCDU at time you activate Approach.
  10. Any news about this problem?
  11. Hi! After updating NavDataPro to v. I can no longer select mapped network drives because they are no longer shown in path selection window. I run FlightSim Commander on network PC and up to this update everything was working correctly. Other applications have no problem showing and selecting mapped network drives. Mladen
  12. Are you able to download and install cycle 1711 from Navigraph? If able, open Aerosoft Airbus X Configurator and select Navigraph for NavDATA Source
  13. Hi! I'll try to make it simple and simplified: Transponder and TCAS are combined in one. Mode selector gives the following: STBY - stand by mode ALT RPTG OFF - transponder transmits only selected CODE (NO mode C - NO altitude readout) XPNDR - transponder transmits selected code and altitude TA ONLY - transponder transmits selected code and altitude and TCAS provides only Traffic Advisory (information on traffic in vicinity - "TRAFFIC!") TA/RA - transponder transmits selected code and altitude and TCAS provides Traffic Advisory (information on traffic in vicinity) and Resolution Advisory (instructions for avoiding collision - "CLIMB!", "CLIMB NOW!", DESCEND!", "DESCEND NOW!") Vertical mode selector: ABV - select during CLIMB - TCAS scans 9900 ft above and 2700 ft below the aircraft N - select during level flight - TCAS scans +/- 2700 ft BLW - select during DESCENT - TCAS scans 2700 ft above and 9900 ft below the aircraft You can find a lot of information on this topic on the net Mladen
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