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Dear Aerosoft, OMSI2 is driving me crazy

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Dear Aerosoft,


I bought basically every official OMSI product from 2013(Caus it's the only game that is close to "simulating" bus driving). OMSI1 works fine on my 2013 PC, I7-4710HQ and GTX680MX, though sometimes crashed because of eternally existing bugs, but generally was fine. Ran at a speed of around 25 fps, acceptable. But ever since I started to use OMSI2 your product just never stops torturing me. I tried to run steam version OMSI2 with Chicago and Berlin X10(and of course default maps)using Three Generations bus add-on(and of course default buses) on 2 PCs and guess what, no matter under the mode of "PC2007" or "PC2014", using human count 20% or 200%, it never shows a framerate over 15FPS to me. Technically saying Berlin X10 shouldn't count, since it never survives the initialization before errors reported.


Seriously? PC no.1 was a I7-2500 with GTX660Ti, and PC no.2 which is the one I am using now, I7-5820k and GTX980, DirectX11 mode 3DMARK score 17900+. For those who have no idea about the hardware, PC no.2 costs me more than $2000,and GTA5 under highest graphic option performs a 40FPS average under 1080P resolution, PMDG777-300ER,ASN,and Imagine ZSPD in virtual cockpit, 80% SKYAI traffic gives a result of 29FPS. So it absolutely is not my PC's problem.


Present configuration affixed. Yes, the effect of powerpoint version. 10 fps in Chicago Downtown.








And of course









I literally do not like to complain, and my love of OMSI is deep and profound. So I forbear a terrible gaming experience. But as the 1 FPS shows again and my bus crashed again,I who just wanna be a good bus driver can stand no more.


Do look into it and try to give me an answer. I still have that very small expect of Gladbeck.


At the end of this post, classy texture error for you all.



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