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Glider discusX in Prepar3D V3.X


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I am sure I asked this before when Prepar3D V2 was released.

Anyway here goes:

Any chance of a good performance glider for Prepar3D V3.X

Around 40:1 or above?

Personally I am not interested in training or vintage

gliders in the sim so a K21 or a Blanik is really not what

I am looking for. I have flown both IRL and sure they

are nice but what I and I am sure other glider pilots are looking

for is an update to the Glider Discus X for Prepar3D V3.X or even

something new like like a recent Schleicher. perhaps an ASW 27 or 28

precisely modeled would be fantastic. Wouldn't mind paying an upgrade

price for the DiscusX either. How hard can it be making it compatible with

Prepar3D V3. Surely a lot easier than starting something from scratch?

I will happily beta test it for you :-)

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I haven't tried it in a long time but if I recall correctly I found the vario very erratic and not behaving as one would expect.

I recall that there was other strange instrument behaviour but I don't recall exactly what it was.

Granted it, the issues could have been caused by ASN but if I can get it installed I'd be willing to

assess it again.

An installer would be great or perhaps instructions on how to install it in P3D V3 properly would help.

I don't want to use the Estonia tool and I have adopted a V3 compatible addons only policy with V3.

I would be willing to install FSXSE and then install the Discus X in that and transfer the files to the

Prepar3D V3 If you could provide instructions as to how to do it in a manner that is compatible

with Prepar3D V3

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OK, So I gave the 1.6 installer a go on Prepar3D V3.1


It said it could not find FSX even after I navigated to the Prepar3D V3.1 folder.


So I was thinking I would copy an rename the Prepar3D.exe to fsx.exe

I am pretty sure that the installer will then find P3D becuse it will think

its FSX but I am afraid that the file structure will not match and it will screw

things up.


Not a risk I am willing to take given I have just finished a windows

7 reinstall and system setup with Prepar3D V3.1 and multiple addons

as per NickN's guides.


As I am sure you are aware, a lot of work!


Any info on file structure compatibility beyond the installer?

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