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  1. No, they already explained this multiple times. You will have to wait a few days before they will let you purchase the bundle (latest post says they will “try” for this to be monday/tuesday)
  2. Yes, it is Thursday. He’s telling you the other date is when they’re going to release the boxed version…
  3. FSUIPC lets you save different profiles for different aircraft, and they will be loaded as you select each aircraft. You cannot do this with P3D only.
  4. I don’t think you will be able to, or rather you might be able to but it’s not going to be ideal. The thing is that as far as I know with rudder pedals while you have two pedals, they are both part of the same axis for the rudder movement. With the thrustmaster pedals each pedal is a different/independent axis and therefore you would not be able to use two for the rudder, you would only be able to use one which would be kind of unrealistic…
  5. So, excuse the total ignorant question: if what you say is that you have to wait until it renders wouldn’t that cause stutters I don’t know if frame losses but stutters in slower computers while you wait for it to render and leave an unsmooth/jerky visual representation? Would it be that the traditional painting mode consumes more memory but is faster? Again, a question from a completely ignorant person in this process…
  6. I think Tom is doing a great job. If I were in his place I would just delete those messages. It is more annoying to have 75% of my alerts be from new messages by people that are too lazy or too stupid to read as they should instead of real updates, and it is also annoying that this thread has over 90 pages and most of it is people asking the same things over and over again.
  7. How about they DON’T delay it, we will all buy it on the 12th and you can wait and buy it on the 22..?
  8. I love how the recommended specs are a kind of a beast of a machine, and then: 1024×768 minimum screen resolution for primary display.
  9. Seems in this product it will have no consequence if disabled, which is fine for the target of the product, but then it also makes you wonder why bother modelling it at all if it does nothing...
  10. Sure it *may*...How do you know how much RAM his current PC has..?
  11. walterg74

    Falcon and P3D v4

    I thought he said F16 both times, but additionaly I think I had asked about this before and was told there is no separate installer for v4 since it’s the same plane now built in/default in P3D?
  12. Except that’s not true. Alarms DID go off (or did you think people “magically”detected it..?), the bruglar certainly did enter my home, The module is there, and you have absolutely no knowledge about the code whatsoever to know where it snooped or not. And besides all that, bottom line is what you (or I) think is irrelevant. It is illegal, period.
  13. So in other words, as long as there was nothing in your house that may be of their interest, the burglar left huh...? Sure....
  14. Lol yeah that’s not how the law (or society works). If you put malware in my machine, you are the one doing the violation. And also this is not about “first or second”. You break the law, you pay, period. (And fyi, just in case you don’t know, just logging on to a system without permission is against the law and punishable with prision currently).