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As Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 on Jan 20th we will be unable to test any of our
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  1. So did this ever get solved..? Liveries...? Any solution.?
  2. I thought he said F16 both times, but additionaly I think I had asked about this before and was told there is no separate installer for v4 since it’s the same plane now built in/default in P3D?
  3. Except that’s not true. Alarms DID go off (or did you think people “magically”detected it..?), the bruglar certainly did enter my home, The module is there, and you have absolutely no knowledge about the code whatsoever to know where it snooped or not. And besides all that, bottom line is what you (or I) think is irrelevant. It is illegal, period.
  4. So in other words, as long as there was nothing in your house that may be of their interest, the burglar left huh...? Sure....
  5. Lol yeah that’s not how the law (or society works). If you put malware in my machine, you are the one doing the violation. And also this is not about “first or second”. You break the law, you pay, period. (And fyi, just in case you don’t know, just logging on to a system without permission is against the law and punishable with prision currently).
  6. Ah! Wunderbar great news as I live this product from you. Looking forward to it. Regards.
  7. Hi all, while looking at the "p3d v4 ready" post, I saw this: The F-16 Fighting Falcon has moved to the default simulator and will not be provided as a P3d V4 add-ons from us. We will provide the liveries and models that do not make it into the simulator. In the release candidate the manual for the F-16 is missing. You will find it as an attachment to this post. Does this mean that the F-16 included in P3D v4 is the Aerosoft one..? (Asking due to the comment, and that Aerosoft will provide liveries, but on the P3D site, in the "included aircraft" page it doesn't mention Aerosoft as the provider of the aircraft).
  8. Have seen several people installing (not sure if with tool or just copying) into P3D. would be interesting to know if it's in Aerosoft's plans to make a proper installer like they did for example with the great F-14.
  9. Do you use a download manager? If not, you may want to use one...
  10. So, sorry for the stupid question, but just starting out with liveries downloads... When you have something like this "60th anniversary", etc. is it a fictional one the author created for the 60th anniversary, or a real world livery that was used at one point? Thanks.
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