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  1. Doesn't the Nimbus have the Same wing as the Discus?
  2. Peter, Thank you! What a fantastic program this is! I have added it to FSX, REX 2.0, FSX booster and Glider Discus X. Cobined they surely make the best Soaring Sim Around! Thanks Again, Dave, P.S. I will certainly be picking up the liciense
  3. Hi all. Just purchased Glider Discus X and I am having problems downloading Cumulus X 1.8. Have followed Peter Lürkens instructions to PeeJay regarding changing FTP to HTTP but in my case the problem seem to be different. When I click on the download link I get "Internet explorer cannot Display the webpage". THe download doesn't even start. I tried right click on the download link and then properties and just copied and pasted the URL to the address bar but the same thing happened! Is there a mirror? any help much appreciated. I am expecting serveral member of my Gliding Club by this afternoon to check this out. :-( On the other hand I just took my first solo flight on Saturday in a Krosno :-)
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