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  1. OK managed to fix it. I had to very quickly stop the weather loading and then set Activesky in the settings. Only problem I have now is PFPX will not write the flightplans to the NGX or 777 folders on my other computer. I have it working on the 747 no problem and have tested permissions are working. Is there a manual way to edit the folder that has the path so this works properly?
  2. It worked fine when I first installed and now every time I open it crashes when updating the weather and tracks (I do not have a sub to this data from PFPX). I have updated to 2.01 and confirmed in the startup screen. So what do I do? Is there some data I can provide that will help you fix this problem.
  3. I am in eastern Canada so we are probably on the same server.
  4. Is there a solution? I cannot get this file downloaded after numerous attempts. Direct download or with download manager fail completely. Never had this issue previously with any Aerosoft file and I am on a direct line to my router, not a wifi issue.
  5. Browse is not working for me, it does not see my FS computer that is connected.
  6. I am having lots of issues adding an export path for PFPX and the new MaddogX. Is there a way to manually edit the file with the path so it exports correctly. I have searched but could not find the config file for this. thanks.
  7. Looking forward to the new v4 release. I hope that it provides a facility for us to add scenery and aircraft outside of the sim per the P3D v4 SDK and then using Simstarter to add them to the ad-ons.xml. I think this makes sense and will help us tremendously not having to fiddle around with these files manually.
  8. Thanks for the information, we are all hoping that FSUIPC 5 is on the way very soon.
  9. Awesome news. There was a post over on Avsim where someone said that the change to the new UNICODE format could mean that programs like Simstarter may accidentally change the format/spacing of the file and require a complete sim resinstall. Is this a significant concern?
  10. Capt Pero, sorry to ask another question on this. I was just looking at your sticky post of May 8th on the same topic (sorry I did not see it when I asked my question). In the step where you select Master and import the CFG, do you need to update all of the parameters or don't worry about it because each Profile will override the settings anyway so no need. Just not sure on this point.
  11. Great idea, I didn't even realize that this feature was now available in FSUIPC. This will come in very handy when flying heavies out of busy airports as opposed to GA where more traffic will not impact frames so much.
  12. I am about to update to the latest version of Prepar3d - Version 3.4, patch2. The update instructions suggest that you delete your cfg file and let P3D rebuild it. that is fine but I wonder what happens the next time I go back to using SimStarter. Does SimStarter NG just copy back the old cfg file or does it just change the various attributes to match the correct profile selected ? If it just copies, how do I go about getting a fresh cfg rebuild ?
  13. Well I followed this 100% correctly and it did not work. Program will still not start with XP.
  14. The update does not fix the Windows XP issue either. I did a full install of 1.28 and copied over the patch but now PFPX does not start, same problem as before. I also updated the C++ 2015 as suggested.
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