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  1. Hey Aerosoft developers.... What about a this airport (Lyon Saint Exupéry)? Thank you, Marc Nieuwhof
  2. Thank you Aerosoft for adding the purchased productname to the online shop orderhistory. This makes it a lot easier to find my updates etc... Thanks for listening to your customers! Marc Nieuwhof
  3. Indeed, no disrespect to C9! I had fun with their EHAM and I disagree with Matthijs on the protection scheme. It is not a big deal and C9 had good support for it. BUT... C9 EHAM is just outdated with flaws never being corrected. (BUT thet made it at least AES compatible for more fun!!!). MAP EHAM is indeed very impressive and it is the usual Aerosoft MAP quality in detail with low FPS impact and very colourfull textures... I'm VERY happy with my new EHAM... L8er, Marc Nieuwhof
  4. Drewl Drewl... look at these images: Can't wait for this one!!! Marc Nieuwhof
  5. Hey Airlingus, This is just the point... can this be done without pilot interaction after initiating the automatic takeoff? Only do the setup, press the AP button and the plane must do all on your list from step 2 by itself! Greetings, Marc
  6. Hey Shaun, At least there is something going on now this... Thank you, Marc Nieuwhof
  7. Can aircraft file their own flightplan? Air Force Global Hawk flight test evaluations are performed by the 452nd Flight Test Squadron at Edwards AFB. Operational USAF aircraft are flown by the 9th Reconnaissance Wing, 12th Reconnaissance Squadron at Beale Air Force Base. While testing the first two production aircraft, a delay in take off required a late night call to file a flight plan. When FAA received the call to fill in fields on his computer for SOBs (souls on board), his reply was, 'the computer can't take 0'. See article: L8er, Marc
  8. Hi sales team, Can you please add the productname you have purchased in the order history main screen. It cost me a lot of time to browse through my purchased products because I have to click every item in order to guess what it was I had purchased... Thank you, Marc Nieuwhof
  9. It's working again. Steps: 1. Set AES for FSDT LSZH to OFF 2. De-installed LSZH 3. Rebooted machine 4. Re-installed FSDT LSZH (1.3.1 with latest Addon manager) 5. Started AES manager to be placed on top of the scenery.cfg 6. Set AES to ON for FSDT LSZH 7. Started FS9 wich rebuilded the scenery indexes. Thanx, Marc
  10. Hmmm... when I set the airport to OFF it doen not come back normal either... Thanks, Marc Nieuwhof
  11. [*** FS9 ***] Hi, I installed FS Dreamteam LSZH 1.3.1 and added the credits, I did a resync/repair and answered YES so that AES will be placed at the top of the scenery.cfg. When I'm at LSZH all my gates are gone (the AES supported ones) and I can't activate AES with CTRL+SHIFT+W. What is happening here? LSGG does work, other sceneries also. Thank you, Marc Nieuwhof
  12. Hey Matthijs... Cool.. Cool.. Cool.. FSX or FS9/FSX? Because of the absence of a good EHAM scenery for FSX I still haven't switched to FSX... With this version (wich looks very cool) i will... Keep up the good work... Marc Nieuwhof
  13. Cool! Finally we have some Aerosoft quality at Berlin to fly to!!! It's looking great... Gonna get this one too when released... it's a destination of my VA ( L8er, Marc Nieuwhof
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