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  1. For Argentina there is nothing! There is no airport well done. Argentina does not exist in the world of simulators. You can have 2 airports. And unfortunately it's true what you are saying. Just make a few countries and the rest does not exist.
  2. Hi. I leave some suggestions anything else. For X-Plane 10. Thanks! Airports in Argentina: - SABE (Jorge Newbery) - SADF (San Fernando International Airport executive flights) - SADP (1st Brigade Aerea "El Palomar") Planes: - Family Aerosoft Airbus - Twin Otter - And today that is still doing 330.
  3. Hello! I'm interested in whether Aerosoft has more future projects for X-Plane 10 or the same projects they have for other simulators compatible with X-Plane 10. Thank you and sorry for my English. I speak Spanish
  4. Aerolineas Argentinas LV-FVH / LV-FNI
  5. Hola! No se si aca es el lugar indicado parea solicitar una textura! Pero me gustaria que se haga para el Airbus Extended la textura del: LAN 320 LV-BOI http://www.aviacioncr.net/foto.php?id=76835 LAN 320 LV-BRY http://www.aviacioncr.net/foto.php?id=54604 Aerolineas Argentinas PMDG 737-800 WL LV-FUB http://www.planespotters.net/Aviation_Photos/photo.show?id=516445
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