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  1. Very bad, i was very happy to get that bird until this post. I only wanted to have Marcel´s high quality work, nothing else. I don´t want to buy aerosofts launcher. I am very sorry, Marcel.
  2. It does not matter. The product is ready when it happens like Marcel it wants!! This is not a product like 98% of the market, please let Marcel have a focus on his more inmportant work and do not ask again the same nonsense. If the Katana is not ready for Christmas is you'll survive it..
  3. Hallo, Frage: Ich habe gerade Post mit der Boxed-Version erhalten. Nun habe ich im FAQ/Updates- Bereich nach der Islander zum freischalten geschaut und bin nicht fündig geworden. B Wo bekomme ich updates für die Boxed her? Gruss Edit: Bei der Installation habe ich gesehen das die v1.6 installiert wird, dennoch bleibt die Frage offen.
  4. Was a joke, I know about that "flying textures". Not my world these developer, these productquality is 98% of the addon- market. But exactly these makes money
  5. Marcel, what should i say, since the Do27 I know the depth of your work, i am in real aviation bussines an have a special look on that. I can only hope that this hard work in the airline dominated flightsim-world earn their respect and recognition. Most will not even recognize these significant details. I am concerned, I will recommend this product to do everyone in my circle. You've earned your so rich also for this still unreleased work already highest respect. I wish that your attitude to your work is appreciated and the price for this addon do not play a role. I feel no matter the price. Take you time for betatesting with an advanced team, the releasedate is unimportant. People who can´t wait for the release should fly Carenado or most of the other products on the market ;-) Respekt für deine Liebe zu "first class addons" du bereicherst den Markt extrem ;-) Nico
  6. Exactly, and nothing else i wanted to say. I also love PMDG as perfect products.
  7. Because of this it´s up to the developers which size or kind of airplane they want do create. If you would be an "as real as it gets"- developer and want to do a good product, you maybe decide to build a small or medium plane.;-)
  8. You are absolutely right Max. But, 100 switches in a PMDG are 100% simulated if all 100 switches work correctly. Katanas for example have maybe 5 switches. If 5 switches including their background works, it´s 100% simulated. PMDG in the whole thing makes a perfect job with their big team. They apparently decided not to simulate "on condition"- failures, ware and maintenance options. I think they did right because this would be hard work for PMDG to do and heavy to manage for us "single" pilots in front of our desktop computers. If you now understand what i wanted to say, you can see that the Katana simulates at an higher level of realism and also system realism including dirt effects etc. ;-)
  9. It´s even a higher level than PMDG! :-) PMDG doesn´t simulates "on condition"- failures, no wear and Maintenance modes. You only can preselect failures depending on time, not on condition and misuse of the whole plane. Only A2A Simulations is a player in this league.
  10. Continue your work as good as you can Marcel. Don´t be confused or discouraged that you don´t fix a release date. Exculpate about the release date is waste of time. Some ar waiting for a perfected and real systems simulating product, these don´t want a discussion about an exact date. In every product- forum users first question is the release date. This is no Carenado or Wilco, Nemeth, .., .., this is another upcoming product :-)
  11. Nice! Beautiful to read "Felde" and "Metzger" together developing an FSX- plane. High time to get an succession of the milestone "Do 27". By now A2A- Simulatios (Accusim) is still ahead by a short head ;-) Happy to buy this product soon.. Danke Marcel und Alexander!
  12. Hallo, genau das Gleiche Problem habe ich auch, will unter Win7 Ultimate 64Bit das Performance- Update, UPD2.20 und UPD2.30 installieren, jeweils die selbe Meldung. Vielleicht macht ihr das öffentlich das es jeder weis der diese Probleme unter Win7 bekommt. Gruss
  13. Hi, i am unable to refuel my aircraft at EDDH, parking around the filling station (engines on/off) did not solve the problem. Calling a fuel truck is also not permissible: " At this airport there are no fueltrucks available". I tested it with my GA2-Airports --> same problem. Default airports working fine, and also FSDT-Geneva --> no problems How could that be to be unable to refuel at all your payware-Airports? Regards
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