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  1. Thanks for answering and yes, it shows the fluctuating in the windows calibration of the x52 unit. Is it ruined?
  2. Bought the crj and glad I did. I use the old x52 throttle and when im in msfs options / controls and look at the sensitive tab and the indication bar clearly fluctuates. Thats inside msfs options and not the crj options under the throttle calibration. Makes me wonder if it is msfs that does this and maybe not the crj? I see the same fluctuation under the crj options throttle calibration. The numbers are fluctuating even when I dont touch the throttle. My point is it does this under the msfs options and throttle management when I look at the sensitiveness tab and it makes me think its maybe my x52 throttle or a throttle driver or msfs itself and not the crj. Any thoughts?
  3. I just have to give aerosoft a thumbs up. I got many of your products over the years but stopped buying when msfs was announced. Truly your CRJ will be extremely appreciated for msfs. Twin otter, airbus series etc and scenery addons, dang, im hyped. Gonna be good spending some money on addons again. Maybe the sales will reach a far larger customer base with msfs than some of the other older platforms.
  4. Hey and thank you. I just bought the pro bundle for my v4.5 and used the voucher code, my reg key for the 32 bit version and got 50% off. Thats pretty solid. Happy customer.
  5. Thanks a lot guys. I have 1 more question. I have the airbus bundle bought for my sim p3dv2 a few years back. I read somewhere if you buy the pro bundle for p3dv4 it will give you backward compatibility for use with 32 bit fsx/p3dv1-2 and 3. Are there any kind of discount to be had for the other way around? If I want the aerosoft airbus bundle for p3dv4 I will pay full price? Its what other developers do too so no problem and the pro edition might be much more than 64 bit compatibility for all that I know. Its just for clearing it up so I know what to do if I want it for my p3dv4. Thanks for your patience with me. Great products all around from aerosoft.
  6. Great help there, thank you. Followed your link and got my twin otter and oslo v2 back. I had bought them from flightsimstore so that was great. I couldnt find stavanger x or vaernes x in the update list but I think that might be cause there were no updates for them. I see vaernes x is now for p3dv4. The one I had bought was for fsx. My stavanger x was also for fsx and It probably wouldnt work well in v4. All in all im very happy to get oslov2 and twin otter back. Thank you.
  7. Hello again. I thought I would ask if someone from Aerosoft would know if there is any chance to get the download file for mega oslo v2 and stavanger x and vaernes x. The vendors I bought them from are no longer in business. Flightsimstore. I have been away for a long time and completely missed out on the flightsimstore closing down. I have the registration keys though.
  8. Hello. I wonder why you never updated Stavanger x and vaernes X to p3dv4? I am of course sure there are good reasons for it but still, they are good airports and I miss them in p3dv4. Is it much work to update them? Regards
  9. In the name of all that is holy , ) why oh why did you guys abandoned enzv stavanger x and not updating it for p3dv4? This is a great airport. I tell you I fly into this airport (as passenger) frequently and the feel I get from this airport in fsx is spot on. Dont misunderstand me, aerosoft is one of my favorite developers and stavanger x is on top of my wishlist for p3dv4. I see you have updated værnes x Trondheim for p3dv4. Please dont forget enzv. This is one of the most important airport in Norway for our economy, located in the oil capitol of Norway.
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