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  1. My biggest concern and a deal breaker is time compression. As the 330 will be for long hauls I am not going to sit for hours at crz level and do nothing. Now with PMDG 737,777 or 747 I can fly with 16x without problems. But the very good AS 320 is limited to 4x as above the autpilot goes nuts. Can we expect a fix for this and proper support for 16x compression with the A330?
  2. I see only the Sep18 version of the paintkit in my order history and it does not contain the 320CFM
  3. Love it! Flying Aerosoft Busses for years and After 3years sim Break i am back in the skies now with p3dv4. Just flew my First leg and had no problems. My only issues are sounds too loud (whipers aaaah) and cruise engine sounds (tooooo loud). The other issue is sim rate above 4. the ap goes nuts even with only 8x. Fix that please. Crz is boring.... Cant wait for my beloved 321. the other bus from fslabs is a nogo for me as this lefteres guy is an idiot. I was happy with the Aerosoft busses always so I would have stayed loyal anyway.
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