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  1. SOLVED! I am sorry for the issue i caused and found the solving to ot myslefe. i uninstalled the yoistick and reinstalled with Saitek SW. Now it works like fine again like yesterday evening...! Thank you for reading and never mind, Mario.
  2. I could easily recreate this issue WITH SP1 installed. Sorry to say but this does not solves this issue with the yellow tow stick and the wheel fairings break down. For me, if i use the TOW function and jolt the aircraft around it happens the fairings break. And the yellow stick remains visible if i deselect the menu point and NOT rightclick the tow point in mid screen. Hopefully this helps lokating the bug. My problem with the aircraft's still flipping throttle appeared after this tow stick issue happened once to me. Greetings, Mario.
  3. SOLVED!!! Reinstalled the drivers and SW and works fine again. Hello Guys at Aerosoft. I bought the Katana 4x yesterday and made a wonderful flight with about 2,5h duration. I did all the checks outside and checklists inside for startup and shut down. Today i started up my FSX and loaded the standard flight into FSX with the plane on the ground and loaded the Katana into the sim. It was in COLD AND DARK setup which i chose yesterday as my favorite state in the setup menu. As the plane stood in front of a wall after loading EDDK into the sim i tried to use the Tow function that comes with tha Katana and faced the issues allready explained by other users here in the forum with my plane jolting into the air a bit and reaching about 80 kts after trying to get it back into its parking lot a wheel cover was broken and the main gear was broken too. I used the maintenance funtion to let it repair itself and replaced the wheel cover with a new one from the equiption menu. Everything looked quite normal then and i started my normal setup ready to flight routine to one point: The Throttle keeps flipping back when i try to apply throttle with my Joystick. I recalibrated the stick with no luck. It kept jumping. I unassigned the axis from my stick and used the F2 and F3 key to apply throttle but again, it keeps jumping. This way it is impossible to apply any throttle at all and the plane will not pick up speed not to say take off at all. I installed the update 1.01 and the launcherupdate but no luck again. What next? Is thios a known issue? Am i using the plane wrong in any kind? Did i forget some obvious tiny screw or tweak i should have..? I would be pleased not to uninstall my Katana nor the whole FSX if possible. BTW: I also installed the FSMap Demo tody. Maybe these two interfer in some kind nobody thought of before?! Looking forward to hearing from you, Mario Pietzsch P.S.:I am German (Kiel) maybe i write this again in german if my english does no comply.
  4. Ja, stimmt. Das sollte gehen. Danke dir für den goldrichtigen Tipp. Gruß, Mario
  5. War gar keine dumme Frage, sondern der Schlüssel zum Ganzen. Nun war es aber nicht meine Dummheit. Gott sei Dank. Der Ablauf war wie folgt: Auf Grund deines Post, den B geladen..kein Hauptshclater - GPS geht an, C4 tot (blaues Gehäuse) BT geladen, Hauptschalter gefunden C4 geht an (schwarzes Gehäuse) B wieder geladen, C4 geht an.... ....und nu kommst du! lol Nein, Danke für die tolle Antwort. War ja nun der Schlüssel zum Ganzen. Aber wenn du ne Erklärung hast, warum das nie ging, und dann nachher immer, wenn man einmal die anderen geladen und eingeschaltet hat, kannst si emir ja gerne sagen oder im Patch 1.51 irgendwie fixen oder ne FAQ draus machen (auch wenn ich der Einzige Dummkopf war, der gefragt hat ) Ich danke dir. Nun geh ich Segeln. Liebe Grüße, Mario. EDIT: Ich habe die Lösung gefunden. Ich habe als Standardflug eine Cessna(defaultFSX) in Cold and Dark auf der Runway stehen. Cold and Dark, damit alle anderen "Third-Party" Flugzeuge auch cold and dark sind nd ich einen definierten Anfangszustand habe. Nur kann der B-Version Diskus aus diesem übertragenen Status nicht mehr herausgeholt werden, da er keinen hauptschalter besitzt, wie du ja auch gesagt hast. Lade ich nun eine BT variante und schalte diese ein, kann ich danach auch wieder ne B Variante laden, da diese nun "eingeschaltet" übertragen wird. Des Rätsels Lösung ist also mal wieder Microsofts miese Progrtammierarbeit. Trotzdem kannst du den Tipp ja in deine Faq aufnehmen oder bzw weißt jetzt, dass soetwas auch vorkommen kann. Evtl ja einen verstackten Hauptschalter auch in die B-Variante einbauen, für solche wie mich, die ein ausgeschaltetes Flugzeug laden.
  6. Hallo, Aerosoft Team nun it's eine Weile her, dass ihr den Diskus veröffentlicht habt. Patch1.5 ist da und ich dachte mir, ich versuchs nochmal. Da ich ohnehin ein neues Windows 7 brauchte(RC läuft ja aus), habe ich alles neu installiert und euren Diskus mit patch 1.5 gleich mit. Nun fliegt der sich wunderbar und auch das Hüpfen auf dem Boden habe ich mit Cumulus1.5 nicht mehr gesehen, aber ich kann bei besten Willen den C$ nicht aktivieren! Ich habe die Fonts nochmal in den Fonts Ordner von Windows kopiert (Fehler bei der PMDG Jetstream, dachte das könnte hier auch helfen), aber leider nichts. Das GPS läßt sich einschalten und auch sämtliche funktionen gehen, wie canopy öffnen und pilot ein ausschalten. Nur der C4 bleibt tot! Was mache ich falsch? Was kann ich noch tun? Ich habe nichts weiter verändert, weder aircraft.cfg, noch panel.cfg...keine RealityXP gauges, etc...alles original mit patch 1.5 Windows 7 32bit immer aktuell mit updates. Core 2 Duo 8600 4GB Ram Asus P5E Deluxe mainboard nVidia GTX285 mit neuestem Treiber. Alles frisch, nur FSX und FS9 installiert, sonst nacktes System (naja, außerVirenscanner und Firewall von G-Data) Ich hoffe, ihr wisst etwas Ich danke euch, Mario
  7. Actually i have two Sapphire Radeon HD 4780 Vapor-x laying around...yes, iam a geek... Some games run better on GeForce and some run better on Crossfire-X radeons. So, i will check on the radeon eventually doing a better job. I already know, that two cards are not supported by FSX as one card always sleeps while the other is burning at 100% in FSX. And weired too, FSX is the only application, not using the other card. Rivatuner shows very nice the usage of the GPUs! Games like DivinityII or Empire: Total war use both card to 100%...very weired! I will check this and report back. But not today, we will be visitied by family next few minutes...man i am SOOO much looking forward to this..... Thank you, Mathijs
  8. Ah i see. Actually i have severall applications running along FSX Active Sky Advanced Firefox FSE - FSX-Client CumulusX WinchX Flight Commander X nDAC Vodafone-Internet-software Norton inet security Soundmixer for X-FI card well, see these are my most needed programms So, if it's too much, i have to life with the issue of deplaced textures. Othervise i could simply stop using FSX... i am thinking on moving some applications to my laptop running him along side with SimConnect. Maybe that would help a bit. Thank you for the help, anyway.
  9. I am about to believe you, Joachim. It's a ZOTAK GeForce GTX285 AMP! mit 1024MB Vram und 702MHz Takt. How can this card be overloaded, as it should be the super heavy SUPER UBER graphics card available?! How do i work around this? Which nasty rotor are you speaking of? This one? Or this one? First is the CERA SIM Bell 412 EP Second the DODOSIM Bell 206 FSX both are payware This happens from time to time and restarting FSX solves the problem like i stated above.
  10. I may add some help here. It is actually a Bug by FSX itself! Has nothing to do with WinchX, The Discus, CumulusX nor your Graphic card drivers or DX10 or such. I face this error once in a while and have not been able to fix it. Only way to get rid of it is to switch drom windowed mode to full screen for about 20 times. maybe it's gone after that. If not restarting FSX works everytime! I have saome screenshots to show to you. Those are taken from a vanilla FSX installation without the discus nor the addons by Peter! It is a CERA SIM Bell 412 EP payware addon chopper. It simply is the way, Microsoft says "Thank you" for purchasing just another of their fine products. You may life with it or switch back to FS9. Sorry, for the bad news, but it a matter of fact. Mario.
  11. Actually i tried everything i know now. CumulusX installed uninstalled - nothing WinchX uninstalled - nothing Start behind plane (SHIFT+CRTL+Y) - nothing I bought Active Sky Advvanced today and turned CumulusX off to get the real weather thermics and it still CTD. Entering the Discus right after loading screen - CTD START on WinchX - CTD Start successful, at 4000ft nothing special done - CTD 5 minutes in the air everything fine - CTD I can not nail it to one thing that's happening shortly before CTD or a thing i am doing to provoke the CTD. It just happens or not. Three days i fly this plane now and made about 25 attempts, had 5 wonderful flights, 10 flights without thermic (me doing it wrong) and 10 CTD on different occasions AND different Places at different times with our without Active Sky/ CumulusX) So, sorry, i don't know any more things to try on. I hope, you giys at Aerosoft and you, Jochen keep the patience and make it work somehow. Best of luck, Mario.
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